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Preserving Children's Artwork

If you are a mom or dad of young children, I am sure your refrigerator is covered in those beautiful art pieces, collected over time from art classes and school projects.  Your little artists deserve to have their greatest masterpieces preserved for years to come.    As a parent, you can treasure them always as the years go on.  Your kids will soon grow old, but now you can protect the fine art of their young, creative minds.  And what fun for your future college graduate ...

Landscape Photos

From a snow covered mountain range, to a tropical island, to a busy highway; a nice landscape can be found just about anywhere. Photographing landscapes can be quite different than photographing people; therefore these tips will help you take breathtaking scenic pictures that are unlike other photographs you often take. 1. Be creative! As a photographer, it is your job to find beauty in any environment. Pick something interesting that catches the eye. Even if there is a specific object that stands out, it ...

Postage Stamp Framing

When sticking a postage stamp on an envelope, it doesn't require much thought, but when framing a postage stamp as a tiny piece of art, now that's a different story! 

Women in Business 2008: The Power of Progress

During the last week in June, members of our marketing team attended the Women's Business Enterprise National Council's (WBENC) annual conference in Atlanta, Women in Business 2008: The Power of Progress.  Their trip was a success!  The conference provided wonderful opportunities to network with corporations through MatchMaker Meetings and reception events, as well as the chance to connect with other women business enterprises (WBEs).  The conference also included workshops to learn about u ...