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The only bad thing was choosing which style frame!!! I was incredibly impressed with the frame--the quality and styles to choose from. I was floored at how fast it arrived and that it came with acid free tape and all the tools and directions to hang it on the wall. This is the first of my four girls to graduate college and if I'm not totally broke, I will be coming back.
Amy C., PA

Animation Cel Handling Requirements

Like most valuable, historical or original documents, animation cels become very sensitive and vulnerable as they age. These one-of-a-kind cartoon animation cels can be extremely valuable and irreplaceable. For that reason, keep these tips in mind when handling or caring for your animation cel. 1.  Whenever you touch the animation cel, wear clean cotton gloves.  With this type of art, fingerprints can be severely damaging.  The cotton gloves will also reduce scratches to the ink or paint ...

How to Frame an Animation Cel

As a framing company, we have had to handle quite a few historic and delicate pieces of art. Animation art cels are just that. A cel stands for celluloid acetate, the transparent material upon which animated films are created. With their extraordinary value and their hand crafted art, animation cels are extremely sensitive and can be easily damaged when being framed.  Animation cels are particularly vulnerable to drastic temperature and humidity changes. The cel can crack or peel from these drastic ch ...

What to Do if you Lost your College Diploma

Lost college diplomaYour college diploma will most likely be one of the most valuable documents you will ever earn throughout your life. Have you ever thought about what would happen if you lost your diploma?

Either through an office move or a disaster such as a fire or flood, a college diploma along with other valuable documents can easily be destroyed. After all, it is only paper, but it represents so much! If this has happened to you, consider using the following tip to obtain a replacement diploma.