Framing Your Television?

As televisions have evolved from large, bulky tube models into sleek, flat panel devices you can hang on a wall, many people have taken to framing their televisions to disguise their presence in the home.  For people who feel the television set is an eyesore or disrupts the flow and decor of a room, framing offers a unique and inconspicuous way to hide the set, or maybe even fool a few guests into believing it's a part of your art collection. The market for television frames is expanding quic ...

Shipping Frames with Glass

Since Church Hill Classics is an expert in diploma and picture framing, we have had a great deal of experience in finding the best way to safely ship frames with glass. There are many little things that come into consideration that make a big difference during the shipping process. 

Do's & Don'ts of Packing Art & Collectibles

When packing and handling any valuable artifact or piece of art, it is very important to spend the time and effort planning the proper techniques to pack and transport the item. The requirements vary depending on the value of the piece, although the central premise of assuring that it gets to and from its destination unbroken is a critical consideration. Art Packing Example Thanks to I.T.S.: International Transport Services Special consideration for packing and shipping valuable art: Whether your ...