Frame My Future Honorable Mentions - Week 2

Frame My Future Honorable Mentions - Week 2

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Featuring Honorable Mentions 9-16

It's week #2 for our Honorable Mentions in the "Frame My Future" Scholarship Contest.  Congratulations to 8 more students for their amazing and inspiring entries.  Check them out below and enjoy!


Paulina Ho

I took a picture of a drawing I did and photo shopped it a little bit. It is simply just an example of both fine arts and graphic design, which is what I'd like to pursue. 


Chloe Kelleher

This is how I "frame my future" because it depicts my personal and professional goals after college in a thought-provoking manner. It explains my aspirations to travel abroad. I will begin there to use my new found knowledge to begin a career in helping people, via psychology or human resources. It tells of my desire to settle down and start a family, while playing an active role in the lives of my children. Finally, it describes my intent to share my life experiences with the next generation. 


Laura Lewis

Central to my future is my career, represented by the light bulb.  The twinkles emitted from the blub are descriptive terms that make up my career as well as the rest of my future, which all tie to progress. 


Kaitlin Long

Ever since I was little, my mom has told me that my creativity is going to take me places. That is what I wanted my piece to reflect; my creativity and passion to strive to be my best. I have so many ambitions that I hope will take me far in life and allow me to help others in the process. I know life is never perfect, but I cannot wait to have one that is mine to mold and shape into anything I want. Although my future changes with every decision I make today, I know one thing that will forever be framed; my family. They are my world and my life support and I cannot imagine having a future without them. It is them I have to thank for raising me the way I am in this world and for giving me the opportunity to choose my own path. I know regardless of what career I end up in and where I am living, I will be grateful to have that chance. 


Molly Maeda

This is how I frame my future as a passionate, driven person.  I plan to pursue a career in graphic design, live in San Francisco (my favorite city), and travel (to expand my horizons).  I see the importance of thinking outside of oneself and not just focusing on the negative things in life, but the positive things that lay ahead.


Lindsay Malatesta

My future consists of many opportunities that I could not be more excited about. There are many options that I would like to explore as a possible career. I included the piano, architectural drafts, and drawing/painting materials because these are all fields I would like to explore. Art has become a large part of my life over my four years in high school and I have developed a passion for piano/music since I began playing piano when I was four. I want to be able to put my passions into a career and love what I do in my future. What the future holds is closer than ever as I approach my college education, meaning that the future is turning in to right now. 


Nicole Marcotte

When I peer into the frame of my future, I see a journalist.  I have always loved writing since a very young age, and that love has only grown stronger.  I am driven to find success through my writing, as I have written for both my high-school (Southwick-Tolland Regional High School) and college (Marist College) newspapers; I have worked as a Public Relations intern for former Superintendent of the Southwick-Tolland Regional School District; I have seen my work published in both local and regional newspapers.  That feeling of complete euphoria I experience knowing that others are inspired by my work, I know that I need to pursue journalism to its fullest.  My entry depicts my own hand physically putting inspiration onto a page, as I hope to do in the future. 

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