Strange College Classes that REALLY do Exist

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Want to eat BBQ Cooking for college credit?

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That is what four students from Birmingham-Southern College did. During the month long interim period the students are allowed to propose non-traditional projects to complete for credit.  These students took a 17 day journey across the south to eat, analyze and blog about southern barbecue food. The "project will focus on the cultural origins, differences in style, and significance of Southern pork barbecue through the framework of food and travel writing. Primary project output will be an interactive group blog." (Southern BBQ Boys) The students are wrapping up the project now by writing their final reports. "The point of the endeavor, at least academically, was for the students to develop their writing, and they say that their storytelling and descriptive skills have improved as a result. Richey said he learned that it wasn't enough just to say a restaurant's barbecue sauce tasted good. 'You have to describe it, say it's sweet as molasses or spicy hot.'" (MSNBC)

Walk your way through college.

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At Centre College you can take “FRS 114 The Art of Walking: A course offering a close reading of Kant's Critique of Judgment in the morning and considerable walking in the hills and pastures of central Kentucky in the afternoon.” (Centre College Course Offerings) This course is designed to approach philosophy classes in a different way. Instead of being stuffed inside a classroom the students experience 3 hour walks. “Now in its fifth iteration, the class has become a signature course for both Keffer and Centre College. It has been featured in "The Chronicle of Higher Education" and picked up by the Kentucky Associated Press. Students are inspired to discover new ways to view their own existence and to see that they're surrounded by natural beauty—when they slow down enough to apprehend it.” (Centre College News)


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Play with Garbage!
The first day of this course involves the students digging through garbage. At Santa Clara University students can take this unique Environmental Studies course that involves real hand on experiences. “This class follows the path of our waste products as they are burnt, decomposed, land filled, treated, recycled, reused, dumped on minority communities, or shipped abroad. Building on basic chemical and biological principles, and using the scientific method to guide us, we will explore the fates of organic and non-organic detritus, and search for sustainable solutions to waste problems. “(Santa Clara University Course Description)

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