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Thank you so much for replying to me so quickly. I am relatively new to purchasing things on the web. I placed an order with your company for two reasons. The first being the superior quality of your reasonably priced diploma frames. And the second, your value of customer service.
Claire, Galesburg, Illinois

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New Year's Wish for You - An Exceptional Essay

Do you want to start the New Year off right?   This is my New Year's wish for you concerning our "Frame My Future" Scholarship contest.  Before you send your essay to us, it's very, very important to remember this...make sure it's free of mistakes.  So edit your entire essay.  Yes, look the whole thing over.  Use your spellcheck feature, but also read it through with your own eyes. Ask a friend or two, your mom, or another ...

News Post

College Education Check out these articles I found from the past few days on how expensive it really is getting to receive a college education!!! And do you live in a state with the cheapest college? 49 States Flunk College Affordability Test Which State Has the Cheapest Colleges? And for those of you who are currently in school, I know it's getting real close to final time! I hope you like tuna…it might help you with your survival through finals week.  Good Luck!!!! Brain Fo ...

Five Unique Scholarship Opportunities

As a follow-up to my scholarship blog in September, has anyone began their search for scholarship money?  After posting some tips to begin your search, I have decided to bring to your attention a few "interesting" scholarships out there.  We understand that filling out long, boring forms and ensuring you meet a lengthy list of criteria can make the process not so enjoyable.  Well, these scholarships have a different approach and might make it a little more fun, or at least interesting: ...

I Graduated...How Come I Don't Have a Job???

A lot of graduates believe that once they receive their diploma, the job offers will start flying in. It is important for seniors to begin the search early. I am right now in my senior year at college and I have seen many friends graduate and then find themselves jobless and living with mom and dad. It can be very frustrating to have a degree with no job. These following tips will help soon-to-be graduates find a jo ...

Common Interview Mistakes

The diploma has been framed so the easy part can now begin, right?  Well not really. You have to find a job and ace the interview. Without much experience, it can be easy to commit some common mistakes in that first meeting with an employer. Here is your guide to impress the employer.


Assisting with Investment in Your Future through a College Education   High school students and graduates are often conflicted between continuing with school or immediately joining the workforce.  The idea of beginning to earn some sort of income right out of high school may be attractive enough for many to begin work full time. ...

Caught Sleeping In Your Office Cubicle

If you just recently graduated from college this past May, hopefully you have found your first entry level position, or you are busy on the search for that "perfect" job to jumpstart your career.  What a big adjustment though.  Now you must get used to a regular workweek.   The weekend no longer starts on Thursday; you can't sleep in on a Tuesday because the only thing on the agenda for the day is one class at 12:30; and even more shocking, is that you probably shouldn't stay out partying ...

Damaged Diploma - What To Do?

Just the other day, we got another call from a customer who said his diploma has turned yellowish and has brown spots on it.  This question arises occasionally, so here is a bit more about why it happens and what you can do about it.  Typically, problems like yellowing and brown spots are caused by age and acidity.  Sometimes, especially with older diplomas, the paper used to print the document may not have been acid-free.  So over time, the acidic content creates yellowing and brittlen ...

What to Do if you Lost your College Diploma

Lost college diplomaYour college diploma will most likely be one of the most valuable documents you will ever earn throughout your life. Have you ever thought about what would happen if you lost your diploma?

Either through an office move or a disaster such as a fire or flood, a college diploma along with other valuable documents can easily be destroyed. After all, it is only paper, but it represents so much! If this has happened to you, consider using the following tip to obtain a replacement diploma.

22 Graduation Tips & Resources For College Grads

Graduating college is not only stressful but can be an extremely overwhelming time in a person's life.  Aside from the fact that you have to move onto the 'real world' with a job, bills and responsibility, you are changing everything you have known for the past four years.  We have put together some tips for college graduation and hopefully how to make the next steps in your life a little easier.

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