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Taking Halloween Photos

Feeling a little spooky?  Maybe it's because it's time for Halloween. All those little ghosts and ghouls are right around the corner. They will certainly be out trick-or-treating along with pint-sized pirates, skeletons, Power Rangers, and others.  So, what a perfect time to take some "spooktacular" photos! Or maybe you're planning a Halloween party.  As you decorate with your giant spid ...

Common Interview Mistakes

The diploma has been framed so the easy part can now begin, right?  Well not really. You have to find a job and ace the interview. Without much experience, it can be easy to commit some common mistakes in that first meeting with an employer. Here is your guide to impress the employer.

The History of Frames

Frames have existed since the 2nd century B.C. when borders were found drawn around Etruscan cave paintings. It seems that since people have been creating art they have searched for the proper way to display it. The middle ages produced frames that were handcrafted. The frames were first carved out of wood then covered in Gesso and Gold Leaf. These frames stunned the onlookers with their beauty and attention to detail. Most of the frames at the time were des ...

"Green" Actions Galore at Seattle University

As I check out the green efforts of colleges across the country on the internet, there's no doubt that Seattle University stands out.  It's no wonder that Seattle University scores 97 out of 99 in the Princeton Review's "Green Rating!"