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Tips to Help Preserve Historic Documents

One of paper's biggest enemies is acid.  Acid makes paper weak and brittle and can lead to discoloration, deterioration and irreversible damage.  Other factors that affect the life of paper materials include: the manufacturing process, paper components and inks that are applied to the paper.  It is important that a safe environment be created to keep these elements from destroying your documents. To protect and preserve your historical and family documents, there are steps you can take to e ...

Hanging Art in a Wallpapered Room

If you are planning to hang framed artwork on a wallpapered wall, here is a great idea to avoid poking holes in the wallpaper that are difficult to repair later. To minimize damage to the wallpaper, use a straight edge to cut a small "V" in the paper where you plan to insert the nail, then gently peel the V-shaped piece of wallpaper up.  next, insert the nail within the "bare wall" opening while holding the top of the V-shaped piece of wallpaper up and out of the way.  You can hang your pictu ...