Protect Your Documents from Acid Damage!

Protect Your Documents from Acid Damage!

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"Archival Mist" Document Preservation Spray

If you are looking for a quick way to protect your historical family documents from the damaging effects of acid, there is a product available called Archival Mist.

Archival Mist is a solution that will extend the life of paper materials by up to five times!  It works by continuously absorbing acids in paper, essentially making the paper acid-free!  The spray solution comes in a 5.3 oz. pump bottle which dries quickly, leaves no odor, and continues to work for the life of the paper.  This one bottle will protect about 300 of your important documents!

Archival mist was awarded Best of Innovations by the Hobby Industry Association and was one of Creating Keepsakes Editors’ Choice products for 1999.  For more information or to purchase this product, click here to be taken to the Your Family Legacy website.

Of course, for highly valuable documents or questions concerning restoration, it is always advisable to consult a professional conservator.   To locate a conservator, try this link:

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