Celebrate Summer the Proud Way! - Frame My Proudest Moment Contest 2013

Celebrate Summer the Proud Way! - Frame My Proudest Moment Contest 2013

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From Anita R. Holtz
Marketing Department

Life's Proud Photographic Moments

Centuries ago, if people wanted to stop time and capture an image, they would have to commission a portrait artist to freeze that most important moment. Now, of course, people have photography, an invention of enormous importance and wonder.

Church Hill Classics appreciates the proud photographic moments in people’s lives and is sponsoring the Frame My Proudest Moment Contest 2013 to commemorate photographs that capture exceptional emotional events. A new baby? A commencement or graduation? A wedding? A religious milestone? An athletic accomplishment? Life provides countless occasions packed with emotional photographic power.

The Frame My Proudest Moment Contest 2013 provides people with the opportunity to share their creative, original photographic events and to win cash prizes and custom frames.

Join in the fun and excitement by entering your proudest moment. Not only may you win a cash prize and a custom frame, but you’ll also have the enjoyment of sharing your photo so that others can appreciate your proudest moment!

Enter today! Contest ends on July 15, 2013.


If you are interested in any upcoming contests and our annual Frame My Future Scholarship Contest, be sure to fill out our contest and promotions information form to receive details!

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