Holiday E-Cards
I just received the Church Hill Classics customized frame I purchased for my Son for his college diploma and I have to say that I am more than pleased. First of all the packaging was outstanding and it arrived in very good condition. The quality is superb. Very helpful instructions on how to insert the diploma and hang the frame. Plus made in the USA, you folks are a class act and I would not hesitate to purchase from you again and highly recommend your services.
Ron M., Concord, NH

Holiday E-Cards

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Have you mailed your Christmas cards yet?!

Christmas is right around the corner!!  If you haven't sent out Christmas cards yet, it's a little too late to mail...but you can still do an e-card!  I love e-cards because you can personalize them as a last-minute happy holiday wish to your loved ones.  And the best part is...they are so much fun!   

You can pick out cards that have music, are interactive, or even can be personalized with your own photos.  Send them to one special person, or distribute to your whole family.  The end receiver is bound to get a smile on their face.

The cards are offered for many holidays and celebrations, so don't limit yourself to just Christmas or Hanukkah.  Send them to your parents on their birthday (they will be so happy when they open it), a significant other on Valentine's Day, or just a random funny card to your best friend for a good laugh.

There are a lot of free ones out on the web, but if this is something that you are really into, a lot of websites even offer a wider selection of cards that you can purchase.

My personal favorite, which I usually make custom variations of for my friends and family all season long, is Elf Yourself!!! I'm sure a lot of you know about this, but if not, you are in for a very humorous Christmas surprise!


With Elf Yourself, you upload photos of family and friends, use the custom design structures to fit their faces in just perfectly, and almost magically, you have turned them into cute little elves. It gets better though….then you pick out dance themes for your elves, (such as Country, Charleston, Disco or classic Jingle Bells), and you have a wonderful holiday surprise. They even offer items with your elves’ images: mugs, mouse pads, etc.

You have to check it out for yourself. Go Elf Yourself  (or someone else) today!

I have even created Church Hill Classics employee elves.  Click the link below to view our Happy Holiday wishes to everyone!

(Starring: Elf Lucie Voves, President; Elf Joe Voves, Vice President; and Elf Bailey, the Voves family dog).
Video is only available through January 15, 2009!  
Happy Holidays 2008 from Church Hill Classics

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