The Word on Winter Weather

The Word on Winter Weather

Posted in [College] By Lauren Miller
From Minnesota State University Bookstore
And Colorado State University Bookstore at Fort Collins

As most of us from across the country know, (from what I hear, maybe not San Diego), it's been an extremely cold and/or snowy winter to this point. From the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic, the Midwest, the West, and surprisingly, even in states in the South, winter weather has been off the wall!


A place that's been especially arctic-like is in Minnesota where temperatures (actual temperatures!) have dipped way down to -32 degrees!  Brrr!

Recently, I was in touch with Sue Carlson, bookstore buyer from Minnesota State University Moorhead Bookstore, as well as Barbara Lovendahl, gift manager from Colorado State University Bookstore at Fort Collins.

I had asked Sue about whether people actually plug their car battery into a charger to keep it from freezing.  I knew to ask this question because a co-worker, Amanda, had just told me that her cousin Danny's family in Canada needs to plug their cars into a charger during the winter.  Danny attends the University of Toronto.

This is what Sue had to say about the Minnesota winter weather:
“To answer your question - some people do plug in their cars.  Most cars around here have block heaters installed - so they have an extension cord hanging out of the front grill!  (Looks kinda funny!)  However, if you are able to keep your car in a garage - then you don't need to plug your car in. 

This morning it was 17º out - and it felt like a heat wave!  Later this week it's supposed to get close to 30º - and I don't doubt that I'll see people in shorts!  Once you become acclimated to the colder weather, anything over zero feels warm. 

We mostly just bundle up - wear layers - lots of layers - and stay inside.  I used to live in Florida, so it's just like it's there when it was way too hot.  You just stay inside.”

Barbara had this to say about the wintry weather Colorado has been dealing with so far: “Well the weather here in Fort Collins CO is much better than it was. We have frozen snow on the ground…the kind that tries to melt and when it does…it freezes into solid sheets of ice….have fun driving on that… the secondary roads are horrible! We had frigid temps last week with wind chills -26 degrees and highs in the afternoon of 4-6 degrees. This week however it has been in the 40’s so we think it’s summer around here! My daughter Rachael just got back from a visit to North Carolina to see family and my Mom lives on the coast in New Bern…she said it was very cold and Mom said it was pretty unusual to have temps that cold.”


It’s only mid-January, so time will tell how the rest of our winter plays out.  In any event, it’s a great time for drinking mugfuls of hot chocolate (with whipped cream), playing some board games or doing jigsaw puzzles at home, and wearing lots of layers of winter garb.  

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