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Wabash College Still Has Sheepskin Diplomas and Other Interesting Info

Sheepskin diplomas are not prevalent at all, although they once were. Yet, for Wabash College in Indiana, the tradition of giving sheepskin diplomas to its graduates continues. This coming May will be no exception. At the college’s 176th Commencement ceremony last May, its 172 graduates received sheepskin diplomas, as always. The college also carries on its tradition as an all-male college.

Make it flat! Learn how to Flatten a Rolled Diploma

Some colleges and universities mail the diplomas home in a cardboard tube to protect the diploma from bending and getting damaged. You can frame your diploma after it’s been rolled up; just follow these easy steps to get a flattened diploma.

Lesson of the Day: Burning Facts about Glass Protection for Document Frames

In most cases, you have not paid attention to the glass in your frames, including your photo, certificate, diploma and other frames. Surprisingly, glass is an important element of the frame because it protects your special document against dirt, dust, sun, and other harmful materials.

Tips for Preserving and Framing a Sheepskin Document

While most diplomas and certification documents today are printed on archival paper produced from treated pulp or rag (cotton), if you have a diplomas that is many years old, it may well be made with sheepskin or parchment.  View the tips for preserving and framing a sheepskin diploma!

Framing Your Record Album Covers and Records

It's Really Art Do you have any record album covers or record albums just stored away at home? I know I do. Here's a great idea from the "home & garden buzz" on the cafémom website:  "A great way to add a little nostalgia to your room is breaking out that old record collection...and hanging it on the wall!" The author of this CafeMom blog noted that "I love reusing old items in my home decor. It's not only recession ...

Theatre Shadowboxes

For Broadway and Local Theatre - it's All in the Box (Shadowbox) Hairspray which opened in 2002 and won 8 Tony Awards, is sadly ending its Broadway run on January 18, 2009.  Monty Python's Spamalot, the 2005 Tony Award winner for Best Musical, is also coming to an end on January 18. Even so, the reminiscences can stay alive. Actually, whether it's Broadway, local community theatres, or school plays, all of these venues offer unforgettable experi ...

Sponge Mounting

If you have decorative art, invitations, birth or wedding announcements or other paper items with 3-D elements, sponge mounting is a technique that can be used before framing.  Sponge mounting will allow you to flatten the piece and remove any warping or cockling while maintaining the 3-D raised elements.  Done properly and by an experienced framer or conservator, sponge mounting can improve severe warping and allow for safe mounting and a nice framed presentation of art and items with 3-D element ...

Sports Shadowboxes

Professional sports may be when you're at the top of your game, but even for the youngest participants in a sport, it is very memorable. Ask any child who gets a ribbon for a horse riding event, or a trophy for playing T-ball. Ask any parent who's there to watch. This is when a shadowbox can come in handy to capture sporting victories, as well as some fun times.

Wedding and Vacation Shadowboxes

It's June. Wedding bells are ringing, and it's also the time of year to plan summer vacations. Once the wedding or vacation is over though, one way to preserve these fabulous times is by creating shadowboxes.

The College Student's Job Hunt

Finding a job is probably uppermost in your mind (and your parents') especially if you're about to become a college graduate.  Graduation time is nearing, and if you're not going on to grad school, a full time job is usually the next step. Ideally, the time to look for a job is before graduation, not afterwards.  Checking in at your college's career center is one of the first places college students can go for guidance.  This could be done even when just a freshman.  Yet, there are ma ...
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