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Framing Your Record Album Covers and Records

It's Really Art Do you have any record album covers or record albums just stored away at home? I know I do. Here's a great idea from the "home & garden buzz" on the cafémom website:  "A great way to add a little nostalgia to your room is breaking out that old record collection...and hanging it on the wall!" The author of this CafeMom blog noted that "I love reusing old items in my home decor. It's not only recession ...

Be Careful What You Post On Facebook...

Cake Financial, Facebook, My Space, Elftown, CafeMom, and Buzznet are just a few of the many social network websites available that people can join. Social networking websites are usually harmless and fun to use, but it is very important to understand the dangers of putting personal info about yourself on these websites. It is especially crucial for college students to understand the consequences of what they post. Things you put online can put you at risk ...

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