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Thank you so much for replying to me so quickly. I am relatively new to purchasing things on the web. I placed an order with your company for two reasons. The first being the superior quality of your reasonably priced diploma frames. And the second, your value of customer service.
Claire, Galesburg, Illinois

No Sucker Left Behind

When considering a university to attend, the one thing that usually does not cross your mind is, "Am I being scammed??" In Marc Scheer's new book, No Sucker Left Behind, he explains how many schools are ripping off students and how there is something you can do about it. The book starts off with tackling the top 10 myths about college: 1) A college degree is worth about $1 million (or more) over a lifetime. 2) College graduates are fi ...

Inauguration at Church Hill Classics

It was no ordinary day at work today.  Employees of Church Hill Classics, were lucky to be able to share a historic moment together, right in our main conference room. We were linked in at about 11:30 a.m. to watch Barack Obama, the first African-American man to take the oath of office as 44th President of the United States!  We took in this solemn and uplifting moment amid some technical difficulties with our computer, (sometimes the picture froze or the picture and/or sound disappeared).  W ...

Top Paying Jobs

With the economy acting the way it is, finding a well paying job is essential.  It can be difficult to predict the future and what will happen next in the job market; however it looks like the trends of this year are going to continue into the next. So, what were the top paying jobs in the United States in 2008? The highest paying jobs were mostly dominated by the medical field; according to Forbes: "The top nine places are occupied by various sorts ...

How's the Proofing?

Getting ready to submit your writing Last week, I emphasized - check over your writing!  For our Frame My Future Scholarship contest in particular, we want your essays to be in tip top shape. Always check for typos, capitalization, punctuation and grammatical errors before submitting your essay. This advice is worthwhile for any type of writing -  resumes, school papers, applications to colleges, reports for work, blogs, etc. So, I created a ...

New Year's Wish for You - An Exceptional Essay

Do you want to start the New Year off right?   This is my New Year's wish for you concerning our "Frame My Future" Scholarship contest.  Before you send your essay to us, it's very, very important to remember this...make sure it's free of mistakes.  So edit your entire essay.  Yes, look the whole thing over.  Use your spellcheck feature, but also read it through with your own eyes. Ask a friend or two, your mom, or another ...

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