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22 Graduation Tips & Resources For College Grads

Graduating college is not only stressful but can be an extremely overwhelming time in a person's life.  Aside from the fact that you have to move onto the 'real world' with a job, bills and responsibility, you are changing everything you have known for the past four years.  We have put together some tips for college graduation and hopefully how to make the next steps in your life a little easier.

Creating an Art or Photo Arrangement

If you are planning to hang several pieces of art on one wall or around a room, it is important to plan your arrangement before you begin putting holes in your wall.  Start by first measuring the space you have available- top to bottom and side to side- and then place your selected pieces on the floor to work out the desired arrangement.  Make a template of each piece by tracing the outline of the frame on paper, and then draw an arrow indicating the orientation of each piece. You can then use t ...

Protect Your Documents from Acid Damage!

"Archival Mist" Document Preservation Spray If you are looking for a quick way to protect your historical family documents from the damaging effects of acid, there is a product available called Archival Mist. Archival Mist is a solution that will extend the life of paper materials by up to five times!  It works by continuously absorbing acids in paper, essentially making the paper acid-free!  The spray solution comes in a 5.3 oz. pump bottle which dries quickly, leaves no odor, and continues ...

Tips for Taking Great Photos of People

With the nice spring weather, you will probably have the opportunity to take many great pictures of your family and loved ones as reminder and keepsake of the time you spent together. To make your special occasions even more memorable we have come up with some tips to help you take better photos of the people around you. PLACEMENT In order to feel the emotion in photographs, focus on the eyes and mouth of the subject. For children or pets, get down to their level to really capture ...

Picture Frame Hangers with No Tools & No Anchors!

With the new Thumbs Up! hanger system you can easily and quickly hang framed art and mirrors up to 25 pounds without the use of any tools!  For heavier items use two hangers for a secure and guaranteed hold.  The Thumbs Up! hanger is a secure locking anchor that attaches framed art to drywall in just a few easy steps, leaving just a small hole in the wall.  To see a demo of how easy this new product is to use, click here! This new product is not available in hardware or home improv ...

Choosing the Right Mat

Damage Caused by Matboard When framing and matting a document or piece of art it is important to consider the value of the object being framed, and whether the piece is going to be purely decorative or if preservation is important For decorative framing, there are many matting options available to give your piece that special touch. Some of these options include: using textured mats, such as suede, leather, or linen & fabric. Selecting a mat with a different colored core, or using a metallic col ...

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