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Preservation, Proportion & Presentation in Framing

Quality picture framing is all about three P's---preservation, proportion, and presentation. The goal is to design the elements of the artwork and framing so they create a safe and complimentary presentation. The artwork, mats and frame should be a coordinated presentation with the mats and frame playing supporting roles. The artwork should always be the central focus. Preservation in Matting and Framing - The frame is intended to provide a setting for the artwork and to help integrate it into the ...

Easily Hang your Art and Documents!

If you have ever had trouble hanging artwork, there is a new tool available from Qwik Pix Hangers, that will help you easily and quickly hang your art or documents in just four simple steps!  It is ideal for displaying an arrangement of framed pictures because it allows you to place the picture exactly where you want it.  With Qwik Pix, you can avoid common hanging mistakes like placement too high, too low, or putting extra holes in the wall! (Image thanks to www.qwikpixhangers.com)  &n ...

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