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How to Properly Display Artwork

Below are a few guidelines that if followed will help you maintain the beauty and value of your framed artwork or document: To prevent light damage, expose the art to the least amount of light possible, as direct light can cause colors to fade, change, darken or to disappear.  Light damage takes away from the beauty of a piece and can lessen its monetary value significantly if the conditions are not controlled.  Steps to prevent light damage include: never aiming artificial lights directly at ...

Proper Flag Care

Keeping your flag clean and in new condition is important and easy to do.  The best way to begin caring for your flag is to know when to display it and when not to.   Outdoor flags should never be exposed to storms, snow or extremely high winds, as these conditions can shorten its life span.  If your flag gets wet, lay it flat and let it dry completely.  Folding when wet can create permanent creases and dampness can ruin fabric and cause mildew.      &n ...

Damaging Elements to Framed Documents and Artwork

  What are the most damaging elements to a framed document? Your artwork is vulnerable to damage from many different sources, below are the descriptions of some of the most pervasive causes of deterioration, which include: moisture, insects, acids and light.   Moisture Damage        Any framed document or piece of work is vulnerable to damage if moisture from the air is absorbed into the paper causing the paper to warp, or encourage the growth of mol ...

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