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Diploma Frames for Duquesne University School of Law

Choose one of our favorite Duquesne School of Law diploma frames, then customize and make it your own!

Duquesne University Diploma Frames for School of Law

At Duquesne University, you spent countless hours poring over contracts, memorizing the subtle nuances of criminal procedure, and cramming for exams on Constitutional law. Your degree deserves to be displayed in a School of Law diploma frame bearing the official seal and name of your alma mater! With ‘legal ease,’ you can select our best-selling Duquesne University law diploma frame and customize it to your liking.
Ordering your Duquesne University law degree frame couldn’t be easier. Just click on one of our signature School of Law diploma frames and buy with confidence! Use our matting and moulding tools to tailor color combinations and wood finishes to your liking. We guarantee you’ll love your custom School of Law degree frame. For even more ideas and options, check out our full line of Duquesne University grad gifts.
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