Specialty Framing Instructions

How-to Instructions for Graduation Stole Frames

stole frame instructions

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How-to Instructions for Varsity Letter Frames

  1. Using double-sided adhesive strips, remove one side of the release paper and apply the adhesive strips to the back of your varsity letter. (Varsity Letter Frames from Church Hill Classics come with two double-sided adhesive strips. If desired, you may cut these in half to adhere to your letter in four places.)

    Apply Adhesive Strips to Back of Varsity Letter

  2. Place your frame glass side down on a towel, and lift up the flexible points to remove the backing board and mat.

  3. Turn the mat right side up, and center your letter on the backing board so that it is centered in the mat opening.

  4. Mount your letter by removing the release paper from the strips and gently apply pressure to your letter.

  5. To display your pin, push the pin through the front of the letter and the matboard backing.

    Varsity Letter Frame with Pins