Proudest Moment Photo Contest 2008

Thanks to all of you who participated in our “Frame Your Proudest Moment” contest.  We received many wonderful entries that created smiles, struck some giggles, and even brought out a few tears.  We were touched with many of the stories and priceless photos that accompanied them.  Church Hill Classics is thrilled that you shared your proud moments with us! Check out the winners below.

1st Place Winner


Photo Entered By:

Gerard Bianchi

Photo Caption:

Shortly after my daughter was born she developed a fever and placed into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. After many tests, we discovered that she had meningitis and had to stay in the NICU as she underwent two weeks of antibiotics and observation. Having to leave the hospital without her was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. This photo was taken on the day that we were able to bring her home after she came through the treatments with flying colors - truly one of the happiest and proudest days of my life! 



2nd Place Winner


Photo Entered By:

Don Wright

Photo Caption:

I took this photo, "Requiem to a Fallen Marine II", at my cousin Charlie's funeral at Fort Leavenworth KS National Cemetery.Charlie was a combat veteran of WWII, Korea, and two tours of Vietnam.It may seem odd to have a funeral as one's Proudest Moment, but there is no way to express my pride and admiration of this man. 

About the Frame Your Proudest Moment Photo Contest 2008

Contest Runs May 1 - ­May 31, 2008

Is there a special moment that made you feel so proud that it needed to be photographed and framed so you would always remember it? Life’s special moments are endless and are meant to be framed!

We, at Church Hill Classics and, want to know about your proudest moment, so send us a photograph and tell us why it is so special.


1st Place - $150 and a Church Hill Classics frame for a photo up to 11” x 14”

2nd Place - $50 and a Church Hill Classics frame for a photo up to 8” x 10”

This is your chance to enter to win cash prizes and let us frame your proudest moment!