"Frame My Future" Scholarship Contest 2011 Results

Church Hill Classics is proud to announce the Winners in the "Frame My Future" Scholarship Contest 2011! We received over 9,500 entries this year, and the public voted on their favorite entry from our 24 Finalists. We now have our Grand Prize Winner and four Scholarship Winners, shown below. Click the entry thumbnails to view an entry close-up and description.
Thank you to all of the participants in this year's scholarship contest, and congratulations to our 2011 Winners.
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Entry Period: October 7, 2010 - March 2, 2011
Finalist Voting Period: April 5, 2011 - May 5, 2011

Ty Nguyen, TX
Winner #1 - $1,000 Scholarship and $1,000 Donation to Winner’s College/University
Being a doctor has been my dream since kindergarten. Drawing has also been a passion of mine since I was old enough to pick up a crayon. I spent a summer shadowing a surgeon, where I witnessed an open heart surgery. I was so intrigued by the entire operation that I constructed every detail with graphite, while the photograph of an open heart became the “heart” of my drawing. Through this piece, I am able to combine my dreams of being a doctor and passion for art and drawing into one.
Michelle Partogi, GA
Winner #2 - $1,000 Scholarship
My concept plays on a future “journey," and the shoelaces show dualities within my goals. Despite their differences, both computer science and art equally interest me, and I wish to merge the two subjects in my college education and career path. Similarly, I’ll need to balance priorities within my life. By refining my leadership and people skills, I can not only impact my peers but also the community through organizing volunteer projects. My efforts will allow me to stand on my own two feet.
Nicholas Normile, PA
Winner #3 - $1,000 Scholarship
Luck is not a business plan. It’s where opportunity meets preparation. I was 13 when I started apprenticing at a 4-star restaurant, and I’m still there. Some days I do nothing but chop vegetables. I was lucky to get the chance, but what’s kept me there is the best ingredients well prepared, learning from the best, and my ambition to become one of them. I’ve been lucky, but I also intend to work hard when I get to business school. I don’t plan to rely on luck alone.
Hayden Muhs, OR
Winner #4 - $1,000 Scholarship
I am a young conscious rapper, meaning that I use my lyrical talent to raise awareness for causes around the world. This picture frames my future perfectly. It captures my passion for words through the art of poetry and rap while also creating a unique metaphor by illustrating a future that is close to my grasp, yet still remaining hidden behind a closed door as seen in the background. I plan on majoring in political science with a minor in communication. No, that's not Eminem.
Onur Olmez, CA
Winner #5 - $1,000 Scholarship
As a kid, I used to make paper boats from newspapers with my grandmother. I always wished that newspapers were big enough so that I could make a boat large enough for me. Studying marine transportation will fulfill this wish. In my design, the paper boat symbolizes not only my childhood dream, but my career in the marine industry and all the life's experiences it will bring along the way. I can't wait to embark on this journey!
Christina Espegren, CA
During my first trip to Rwanda to attend a conference on peace, a church elder showed my friend Annabel respect by holding her right arm with her left to support Annabel’s hand, which was “heavy with importance.” With this gesture of respect comes a sense of responsibility. I now study Biology and Women’s Studies in the hope of returning and establishing a women's health clinic. I have gained so much from my experiences in Rwanda that I believe my future must be dedicated to repaying them.
Kelley McMorris, CA
When I was little, the stories that stirred my heart were fairy tales: stories of adventure, courage, magic, and romance. I was especially fascinated by the elegant illustrations in vintage books. I have been drawing ever since, striving to capture the spirit of imagination and beauty that I first fell in love with. My dream for the future is to create artwork for books that will similarly inspire and entertain children. I began my first semester as an illustration major last fall.
Emily DeVault, WV
Who wouldn't want to wear mouse ears every day to her job? I frame my future in the same way a filmmaker--more specifically, an animator--would frame a motion picture: piece by piece. My dream is to work for Disney-Pixar as an animator one day, and while I strive to reach that goal I will make every step of the journey count. College will be challenging, but Mickey and Minnie are calling my name--I know I can make the dream come true!
Megan McGhie, MI
I chose to frame my future using games because I like how they are always changing based on everyone’s actions. Like these games, I want to be evolving into the best version of myself possible. The words and cards show things I want to be or accomplish, as well as people who inspire me. They also display values I want to possess and goals that are important to me. I am pursuing my MSW. As a social worker I want to use these values to help others and make a difference in people's lives.
Nora Grady, MO
Kids are fearless. I snapped this photo of my son before heading out the door. He inspired me that day to go back to school. I had been dragging my feet, but seeing him be so fearless drove me to mail off my application that afternoon. Going back to school will require me to be fearless every day. My plans for my future are to become a teacher of English as a Second Language so that I can help others become more fearless and confident in reaching their goals.
Abigail Wright, TX
Cancer ripped my father away from me and has ravaged both of my parents' bodies. However, I used these tragic events as a catalyst for change in my life. Through the work that I could do after college in the field of Biochemistry, I hope to be part of the cure for cancer.
Janine Cerny, OH
This image that I created represents my vision for my future. I am planning on going to Optometry School and I know that the competition will be difficult, so I will need to stay focused. Just as the progression through an eye chart becomes less clear the farther down you go, so does my future. I am certain however that with a lot of determination and a little "focus" I will reach my goals.
Emily Feld, CO
I Frame My Future as a veterinarian specializing in canine dentistry. Few pet owners realize just how prevalent dental problems are in dogs. 80% of dogs have gum disease. Oronasal fistulas are common, as are broken teeth and both can lead to pain, disease and sometimes death. I envision a future where dogs don’t struggle with dental disease or even an underbite like Curby (pictured) and have perfect dental health!
Stephen Kui, CA
I Dream of a Brighter Future. What I have is an original take on an idea that's familiar to many. I believe I can change the world to make it a better, more beautiful place for the generations to come. If we don't act now, then so much of our world will be lost. I wanted to incorporate lots of nature into the man-made light here (for a brighter future - get it?) to express my dream. Inside that light bulb, is the possibility for our future, but it's up to us to save or squander it.
Meredith Calvin, IL
I want to “Frame My Future” with the skill set and confidence that I can work in a creative field helping to create sustainable beautiful interiors in the Hotel and Hospitality field. I love to create and render beautiful spaces on paper and I would hope that I could turn that paper into reality once I have earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Architecture!
Nicole Pedrazzi, CA
I frame my future using American Sign Language to benefit those around me. My training in health and wellness will be applied to empower the deaf. My five generation family signs FRAME THEIR FUTURE referring to my daughter and me. They consistently support me emotionally to become the first family member to graduate college. My daughter on the end signs LOVE. It symbolizes my values to keep my family close to my heart and work with love for others in the community as I frame our future.
Jonathan Chornay, MD
Touch your heart. Now imagine the steady rhythm pounding out of control and your legs turning to jelly. That's how I felt after flying for the first time, and my desire to pursue missionary aviation at LeTourneau U in TX grew much stronger. However, transferring colleges isn't cheap. I appreciate and need all the help I can get. ***Panorama/plane: me. Stars/paperclip: Photoshop. The horizon reminds me of life's opportunities; the paperclip shows how quickly we can discover new possibilities.***
Anne Casey, TX
My life so far has been shaped by words. I want to continue to work with them for the rest of my life. While I work toward becoming a writer, I want to work in the publishing field as an editor. Poetry is just one of the many mediums with which I would like to work someday.
Tomas Meneses, CA
I have always felt that I've had a full and exciting life so far. My collage is a representation of what it's been, and what I hope my life will be.
Tram Huynh, NJ
When I start envisioning my future after graduating from college, I see myself working my way up in a law firm, and after a few years as a lawyer I’d like to settle down, get married and start a family. I could be happy in either a city like New York or the suburbs of Washington, D.C. But in any case, I plan to travel extensively with my family, taking advantage of every day like it’s a new beginning! I am determined and driven to make my dreams come true.
Emily Weiss, PA
Millions of people are currently on organ transplant waiting lists. Their lives depend on the availability of a suitable donation. However, what if people in need of replacement organs didn’t have to worry about this? I hope to use my engineering education to develop readily available lab-grown organs that will produce no immune response. Maybe they won't be sold on store shelves like the lung in my drawing, but 'spare parts for people' could improve the quality of life for many.
Beth Rubel, TX
I was raised in a small town in Texas. My parents moved frequently to deflect discrimination they faced for being in an interracial marriage. The experience growing up as a biracial child was impregnated by intolerance from classmates, family members, teachers. I draw upon my personal narrative and am influenced by diversity, assimilation, and stereotypes in American culture. My future goal as an artist is to promote diversity and enlighten society on issues regarding race, sex, and gender.
Camille Nakai, TN
I drew this picture of myself to portray what is cool about my life. My hobbies include playing guitar, drums, skateboarding, tai chi, and anything artistic. My native heritage is portrayed. The dragon painting the car shows my automotive future. I plan to use my art skills and knowledge to start an auto repair and custom shop, as well as designing and building super cars. The more I learn, the more my fire burns. I know I will succeed for myself, my family, and our world. Fear is what I fear.
Bryan Beus, UT
I see myself as an artist who sings through pictures. I chose this as a professional career as a teenager and have continued working towards that goal since. I love communicating with an audience visually and I imagine I will do it all through adulthood. Some of my favorite things to illustrate are imaginary animals. In the future, I see myself writing and illustrating stories for children and young adults.