Honorable Mentions - Church Hill Classics

2009 Honorable Mentions

Congratulations to our 30 Honorable Mentions from this year's "Frame My Future" Scholarship Contest!

Based on extensive criteria and multiple selection stages, these 30 entries were chosen by our "Frame My Future" Scholarship Team from over 3,300 entries! Each was awarded an Honorable Mention Certificate, in recognition of their outstanding entry.

Kristen Altvater's Entry

Cassandra Bawcum's Entry

Vanessa Brown's Entry

Carly Corbett's Entry

Jessilyn Dearborn's Entry

Aprylle Deasey's Entry

Lisa Dickson's Entry

Lauren Donahue's Entry

Paulina Ho's Entry

Chloe Kelleher's Entry

Laura Lewis's Entry

Kaitlin Long's Entry

Molly Maeda's Entry

Lindsay Malatesta's Entry

Nicole Marcotte's Entry

Stacy Milbourn's Entry

Matt Moynihan's Entry

Laureen Olivarez's Entry

Stephanie Riesco's Entry

Sarah Riley's Entry

Rita Rosenfeld's Entry

Rachel Roth's Entry

Emily Sidnam's Entry

Victoria Skillman's Entry

Emily Terlak's Entry

Jasine Treacy's Entry

Elizabeth VandeSande's Entry

Lauren Vidak's Entry

Yangxue Zhou's Entry