Valentine’s Day Decorating

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Decorating for Valentine’s Day can add flourishes and touches to different spots in one’s home with its red hearts, bows, lace, and candles. Decorating for Valentine’s Day may not be something everyone has done before, but it’s bound to make a fun, special atmosphere around the house. There are many decorating ideas to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day.

With some red ribbon in hand, one can tie red or pink bows to each arm of a chandelier, to a stuffed animal, or even taped onto the frame of a computer monitor. A large, red balloon on a string can be tied to a chair. Or if a small, heart-shaped balloon is attached to a stick, it can be pushed into the dirt of a potted plant.


Framing a Valentine photo such as shown on Better including an artistic arrangement of pink and yellow roses, a wedding band positioned on a dictionary close to the definition of “always,” or a heart shaped from the pages of a book, all would be a fabulous look. Or, how about framing a photo of yourself for your loved one?

The pleasant scent of aroma candles can add to the romantic nature of Valentine’s Day around the home. Many candles of all shapes and sizes can be lit all at once. Candle holders can also make an impact. Whether you decorate with jar, tea light or pillar candle holders, all can be found with a Valentine connection.

The more candles, the better. You can put candles everywhere, and they create a lovely atmosphere. Besides the dining room table, candles can go on a night table, on a bathroom counter, on a kitchen counter or table. Just don’t leave them unattended.

When looking for luxury sheets for Valentines Day, its best to look at the type of weave used to make the sheets, not just thread count. Feeling the sheets is the best way to choose the perfect set of sheets.

An interesting texture in fabrics is also important. Velvet, velour, and faux fur are wonderfully rich and soft, and can be used for comforters, blankets and throw pillows.

Other great ideas for decorating include:

  • Red, plush pillows, maybe shaped like a heart
  • Valentine wind chimes, which make a light and twinkling sound
  • Pretty vases for the red roses, pink carnations or other flowers that always means Valentine’s Day
  • Covering the table with a white tablecloth and sprinkling it with candy hearts
  • Covering chairs with pink tulle and a fluffy bow
  • A Valentine garland can be tied to chairs

This holiday is said to have originated because of St. Valentine, a Roman who was martyred on February 14, 269 A.D. While in prison, it is said, he had a love affair with the jailer’s daughter. He left her a farewell note which read, “from your Valentine”.

Valentine Day Symbols

  • If you decorate with ribbons it is reminiscent of the days when kings and knights were given ribbons by their beloved before going into battle.
  • Hearts symbolize love.
  • Roses are identified with romance. Red roses are for passion, yellow is for friendship and white means love and devotion.

Voila! Decorating for Valentine’s Day will make the day that much more special.

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