Time to Vote! Frame My Future Scholarship Contest 2013 Finalists Announced!

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The fifth annual Frame My Future Scholarship Contest attracted incredible interest with entries pouring in from all 50 states.

Scholarship Growth in 5 YearsAll told, 9,200 students are vying for one of the five $1,000 scholarship prizes: that’s a 178% surge in participation in the past 5 years!

The states with the most entries included California (1,094), Texas (668), Florida (588), Illinois (454) and New York (420).

To narrow down the field of candidates, the entries were carefully reviewed and judged by the employees of Church Hill Classics, based on the creativity of the entries, the accompanying description with the entry, and its relation to the “Frame My Future” theme.

Our talented Finalists aspire to many different fields of study, including more traditional pursuits (criminal justice, nursing, teaching, psychology and engineering), as well as the creative arts (graphic design, fashion and accessories design, illustration, filmmaking and photojournalism). Still others are drawn to careers in computer science, character animation, wildlife study, veterinary medicine and nutrition.

Now it’s your turn to vote for your favorite entry among the 24 Finalist entries. It’s simple-the five top-ranked entries with the most votes win, and the #1 ranked vote-getter also earns a $1,000 donation to the college or university the student plans to attend. Voting will take place between April 2 and May 2, 2013.

Voting is easy! On our website, we feature the 24 Finalists. Vote for your favorite entry by clicking on the image and then clicking on ‘Vote’. Enter your email address to vote and be sure to check your email. To ensure your vote counts, click on the confirmation link in your email.

Vote for your Favorite Finalists inFrame My Future Scholarship Contest

Take a look at the range of highly creative entries that made it to the top 24! Winners will be announced May 16, 2013. Check back at our website for the announcement!


Below are the 24 Finalists.

  • Salah Ahmad is a graduate student at University of Houston where he wants to earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology & Project Management to help him run his 501c non-profit organization. View Salah’s entry at: www.diplomaframe.com/FMF2013-Ahmad
  • Kelsey DeGreef will be attending California Polytechnic University – San Luis Obispo in the fall and majoring in Nutrition. View Kelsey’s entry at: www.diplomaframe.com/FMF2013-DeGreef
  • Madeleine Jakle plans to attend Truman State University in the fall. Her major is psychology with an emphasis on eating disorders therapy. View Madeleine’s entry at: www.diplomaframe.com/FMF2013-Jakle

  • Delaney Januzzi plans to attend California Institute of the Arts in the fall, majoring in Character Animation. View Delaney’s entry at: www.diplomaframe.com/FMF2013-Januzzi
  • Matthew Laiosa is a graduate student majoring in Illustration. He plans to attend either Fashion Institute of Technology or School of Visual Arts in the fall. View Martin’s entry at: www.diplomaframe.com/FMF2013-Laiosa
  • Chi Le plans to attend Duke University or Emory University in the fall, majoring in Pre-medicine and/or mathematics. View Chi’s entry at: www.diplomaframe.com/FMF2013-Le
  • Alyx Reinhardt plans to attend North Carolina State University, College of Veterinary Medicine to attain her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree this fall. View Alyx’s entry at: www.diplomaframe.com/FMF2013-Reinhardt
  • Mary-Kate Warren will be a senior at Athens State University in the fall to student Early Childhood Education. View Mary-Kate’s entry at: www.diplomaframe.com/FMF2013-Warren
  • Kapers Williams Jr. plans to attend University of North Carolina School of the Arts in the fall. He is majoring in Filmmaking. View Kapers’ entry at:

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