Thoughts from 2010 Grand Prize Scholarship Winner

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Listen up 2011 “Frame My Future” Scholarship Contest Finalists…Hope Olson, Grand Prize Winner from the 2010 contest, shares how she spread the word about her scholarship entry, and how it got her to the top spot! She received a $1,000 scholarship, and a $1,000 donation to her school, Olivet Nazarene University.

Hope Olson
2010 Grand Prize Winner
Frame My Future Scholarship Contest


My name is Hope Olson and I was the Grand Prize winner for the Frame My Future Scholarship Contest 2010. It was thrilling to first hear that I was chosen as one of the 24 finalists, and I was ecstatic after learning that I received the most votes and won Grand Prize! I wanted to share a little bit about my exciting experience as a contestant and recipient of this unique scholarship and to give some of my tips for getting the most votes.

I remember coming home at the end of my spring break after participating in a week-long missions trip to New Orleans the last week of March 2010. Upon my arrival back at the house, my mom surprised me with the news that Church Hill Classics had called earlier that week and said that I was chosen as a finalist for the contest. She explained how she could barely contain her excitement during the week since my missions team was prohibited from using phones or Internet. I was delighted with the news and ready to begin promoting my entry for the upcoming month until the final voting day in May!

The first thing I could think of to best get the word out about my entry was to create a Facebook group. I titled the group something clear and concise, so people could quickly read its name and know what I was asking of them. In the information section of the group, I further explained the opportunity I had to win the scholarship and how I needed as many votes as possible by a specific date to win the Grand Prize. I put the link to my entry’s page in a clear spot of the Facebook group page so members could quickly click and then vote! Also, of course, I included a photo of my entry! Not only did I invite all my Facebook friends to the group, but I asked them to invite their friends to vote, whether they asked via Facebook or simply by word of mouth. I asked my family members to e-mail all their contacts with the link to my entry. Also, I hung the advertisement signs that Church Hill Classics kindly printed for me around my high school that told students to vote for my entry.
Winning the Grand Prize for the Frame My Future Scholarship Contest 2010 was such an incredible and fun accomplishment. It was exciting to be challenged to gain the most support for my entry. I wish the best of luck to the finalists of 2011-enjoy this experience!

Hope Olson’s Entry

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