The Perks of Online Education

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Moving at Your Own Pace & Getting Computer Literate

Guest Blog from 360 Education Solutions (Second part of two)

Students who choose an online education, such as 360 Education Solutions offers, have several perks in store for them! First, they have the ability to learn at their own pace. Another advantage is becoming computer literate because all courses are taught on the internet.

Asynchronous learning is a big part of an online education. The term, asynchronous, means moving through classes at different speeds. Students can choose when to do their work; basically, whenever they please. If students are like most adult learners, they have a job or a family. They can do their work when it is convenient for them.

All of the lectures and class work are online 24 hours a day; therefore, a student could do their class work at night and go to work during the day.

All of the lectures and class work are online 24 hours a day; therefore, a student could do their class work at night and go to work during the day. Also, for people who may need to slow down the pace, they can take their time learning the material to ensure that they do well on tests. By working at one’s own pace, it is possible that they can earn their degree in a shorter amount of time.

A master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction at a traditional university may take over two years to complete; however, through online schooling, a student could earn his or her degree in 18 months. This benefit has helped many people go back to school to get a higher education, which was not possible before.

With online schooling, it is imperative that students know how to use a computer correctly. Also, with online courses come different learning methods. Many courses use discussion boards frequently. This feature lets students talk to each other and get any questions they may have answered. This also leads to countless networking opportunities through peers.


Most online courses have students that live all across the country; so many connections are made through their classes. Networking allows teachers from all over the nation to communicate about education. A teacher in California is able to create a friendship through an online course with a teacher from New York, which most likely would have never happened if it wasn’t for the online class. E-mail is an important factor in online education as well.

An online education offers many benefits. Students can be flexible with their schedules, choose a school based on the degree, and become computer literate. They can also save thousands of dollars. Online tuition is usually a lot cheaper to begin with; however, students are saving costs by not having to travel to school, buy textbooks, pay for living expenses, and pay for extra university fees.

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