Take Photos of Your Pets

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Click! Just look at your pet parrot, with its hooked beak, black eyes, and brilliant colored feathers of chartreuse green and lemony yellow. Click! Click! How about your cat in a  width=relaxing pose on a cushy chair? Or even your pet dog, as his inquisitive face looks straight into your eyes.

 width=The thing is, nowadays, people treat their pets more and more like family members. People are having formal pet portraits taken of their animals. Besides that, they are naming them “people” names. The top male pet names are Max, Buddy, Jake, Rocky and Bailey. The top 5 female pet names are Molly, Maggie, Daisy, Lucy, and Sadie. See what I mean? Also, fashion apparel is not just for people. It’s not unusual for pets to be dressed in stylish clothes.

When it comes to photos, though, whether you have portraits done or the more usual spontaneous type, you have to have patience, besides following some other rules of thumb.

The lighting has to be right, the surroundings should be familiar, and you need to be at eye level, width= which gives you an idea of what life is like from their perspective.

Another thing to take into consideration is the personality of your pet. Knowing what makes your guinea pig special is important in capturing a great shot with his most notable traits.

When your pet is in a place he feels comfortable, that helps to lessen any agitation he might feel when having his photo taken. Also, allowing active pets to have some space keeps them more at ease.

Although pets can be very different from each other, they usually are relatively small, and unless you get close, or have a zoom lens, they could be lost in a photo. So it’s important to be aware of your surroundings, and remember the focus of your photo.

For Halloween, or just for the heck of it, you might dress up your dog in a costume. When your dog is dressed as a duck, there’s no question you need a photo of that. The same would hold true if you put your dog in a dog dress, winter sweater, t-shirt, jumper, or rain coat.

Some other animal photography tips: width=

  • If your pet is dark colored, choose a light colored background, and vice versa.
  • Fill the frame of the photo with your pet
  • Zoom in! Capture shots when your pet is not aware he is being photographed.
  • Take plenty of shots to make sure you get some good ones.
  • Schedule a pet portrait when your pet is a bit sleepy, or has just woken up. It will be easier for him to be still.
  • Try not to use a flash, which distracts, and may scare, animals, not to mention giving them “red eyes”.
  • Include people.
  • Make sure your camera is always ready so that you can capture your pets’ actions.
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