Sustainable Diploma Frame Options

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We are involved in sustainability at Church Hill Classics/, including that we offer frames made with 100% recycled wood from America. These ecological frames are worth considering when you receive your degree after graduating, whatever degree of sustainability you are involved in.

Acadia 100% recycled wood frame Brazilian walnut finish Rainier 100% recycled wood frame Mahogany finish

Sustainable You and Your School

Maybe you recycle cans, magazines, and other household goods. Perhaps you ride a bike to work or at school. If you are working at being sustainable, good job!

How about your school? Is there a “green” building or sustainable garden? Does it use renewable energy and is paperless? Your college may be working on some initiatives, and you are most likely part of that effort as well. Here’s just a small selection of colleges working hard on sustainability: Dartmouth College, Duke University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Keene State College, Marquette University, Michigan State University, Middlebury College, Syracuse University, University of California Berkeley.

Working together makes for a better environment. That’s for sure!

Info about Recycled Wood Frames

Like all our frames, our frames made with 100% recycled wood, are handcrafted in our production facility in Connecticut and custom made to your specifications or to those of your institution. Some details about our recycled wood frame mouldings:

  • features the look and feel of solid wood
  • quality and presentation of our traditional mouldings
  • finishes – Brazilian walnut, mahogany, black matte, dark mahogany
Arena 100% recycled wood frame moulding Black matte finish Sierra 100% recycled wood frame moulding Dark mahogany finish

Click on this link to search for your school and find our 100% recycled wood or hardwood frames. You can also design a custom frame with your favorite recycled wood moulding.

For the schools noted above, here are the links to their 100% recycled wood frames…

Dartmouth College/Dartmouth Co-op Diploma Frame in Rainier
Duke University Diploma Frame in Rainier
Keene State College Diploma Frame in Acadia
Marquette University Frame in Acadia
Michigan State University/the MSU Union – Diploma Frame in Acadia

…Or customize a frame

Georgia Institute of Technology Frame in Acadia

Middlebury College Diploma Frame in Rainier
University of California Berkeley Frame in Rainier

More information about our 100% recycled wood frames and “green” practices can be found here. Also available with 100% recycled wood are Lasting Memories Photo Frames.

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