Students have Endless Volunteer Opportunities – Celebrate National Student Day 2012

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(Second Part of Two)


Check out the first part of National Student Day 2012: Calling all Student Volunteers! October 4th is National Student Day!

National Student Day, which is coming up on Thursday, October 4, 2012, is focused on recognizing college students who make a difference by volunteering. College students are increasingly becoming philanthropic. An important aspect of their approach is working on teams to help out. Those teams might be sports teams, fraternities and sororities, and even school clubs. Here are some stories:


College Student Volunteer Opportunities

National Student DayThere are many ways that college students volunteer. Students don’t need to fly to a third-world country to help children to make an impact on the world. Here are some ways to be socially responsible:

  • Donate blood – Campus has multiple blood drives during the semester. If a student can’t make it to the one on campus, they can visit the Red Cross to find the closest blood drive.Interesting fact: Ten blood donors can save up to 30 lives.
  • Recycling in dorms and in school cafes – If campuses do not have designated recycling bins, talk to either the Resident Director or the Manager of the school cafĂ© about the importance of recycling.
  • Helping out after a natural disaster (flood, hurricane, tornado) – When a natural disaster happens, communities need all the help they can receive. Therefore, helping out a community to clean up or distribute food is beneficial to the community.
  • Hosting a food drive on campus – This is a simple way to get the entire school involved.
  • Fundraising for a local charity
  • 5k/marathon – Running for a cause
  • Plant a tree on campus or in a park
  • Go to a local animal shelter and donate a bag of dog/cat food
  • Donate unused books to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, library, or school
  • Donate clothes a local homeless shelter
  • Volunteer at a retirement home, as a fire fighter, as a tutor


What organizations do college students prefer?

There are many charities that support a good cause. These organizations host campaigns to increase awareness. Here are some organizations that college students enjoy raising money for:

  • Habitat for Humanity – Builds houses for the less fortunate.
  • United Way – Focuses on ‘building blocks for a good life – Education, Income and Health’. Tries to help children achieve their potential through education, Tries to promote financial stability. Wants to improve people’s health.
  • Relay for Life – Raises money and awareness to save lives from cancer. College students love Relay for Life because it is easy to set up and everyone is willing to join.
  • Sevenly – On this website, one charity is featured for one week. A good way for charities to increase their awareness. Sevenly will create t-shirts for the charity of the week. For every purchase, Sevenly donates $7 to the charity.
  • Big Brother Big Sister – Matches adult volunteers with children to develop positive relationships that will change children’s lives. These children will view their ‘Bigs’ as role models.
  • Locks of Love or Children with Hair LossLocks of Love provide hairpieces to children that suffer from long-term medical hair loss. Children with Hair Loss donates free wings to children who have cancer.
  • March of Dimes – Trying to raise money to create stronger and healthier babies. March of Dimes educates moms-to-be on how to have healthier pregnancies, and gives support if newborn ends up in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). The NICU is an intensive care unit designated for premature babies.
  • St. Jude Children Research Hospital – Has been around for 50 years and has changed lives of billions of families. This is a hospital where every child will receive treatment. St. Jude’s has created their own College Student Volunteer Program, which allows college students to volunteer their time to entertain the children.


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Once again, thank you to all college students who volunteer and for your selfless efforts at making your community a better place!

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