Standing While You Work at Church Hill Classics

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tanding at work? Yes, it’s being done by office employees around the country, and it’s happening at Church Hill Classics too! We all know that standing is not the norm in an office setting; usually employees sit at their desks. Standing is a purposeful choice. Three employees here have made the commitment. New Year’s Resolution? Could be for some, but for these employees, the decision didn’t start out that way.

Margie standing at her desk at work
Margie happily standing while she works

Margie M., who is in our Accounting Department, used to sit when working.

More than a year ago, she decided she did not want to spend most of the work day sitting on a chair. Since that time, Margie stands while working on accounts receivable invoicing and accounts payable for all our partner stores and company accounts.

Jon O., Sales Manager, also can be found standing at his desk. He has set up his own hybrid split-level workstation. A 24″ monitor sits on the top of a chair 20 inches higher than the desk, and if he wants to take a seat, he has the laptop at desk level as well.

One of Jon’s reasons for standing is that he feels more energetic and engaged while on his feet. He finds it easier to collaborate and share ideas while standing and pointing to the large monitor at eye level.

Plus, he is a former Fitness Trainer, so he knows the value of keeping fit.

Jon's desk Jon's Desk
Jon’s elevated desk
At stand-up height – a View of Tyger Gifts’
Design Your Frame online page

When viewing his partner stores on the laptop screen, such as Tyger Gifts, which serves students, families, and alumni of Louisiana State U, or emailing Coker College Bookstore, or speaking on the phone with a bookstore buyer such as Darla who works with The Mizzou Store, UMKC Bookstore, UMSL Bookstore, and Missouri S&T Bookstore …Jon is standing.

Caroline standing at work
Caroline standing in her office

The latest Church Hill Classics employee to stand at her desk is our Human Resources Manager, Caroline C.. Her husband created the stand for her laptop.

More About Margie Who Started It All

When Margie used to come home from work, she found that her back felt sore from sitting much of the day. Also, “I felt fatigue and tired after sitting down for eight hours. I was gaining weight and felt very sluggish.” Margie’s husband, Robert Madore, a custom carpenter and owner of QA Woodworking in Naugatuck, CT, does a lot of standing at his job. Those reasons were how she made the decision to stand at work.

Thanks to her husband’s expertise in cabinetry, Margie now stands at a raised desk that is kept in place by six strategically placed boards. Like a loft in a dorm room, this has given her extra storage space, along with the additional height. She finds this perfect.

Since she started it all, Margie gets lots of attention about her standing. Co-workers have said…

Chris L., Customer Service Department:
  • What did you think when Margie first started standing? – I thought it was a great idea, but I was hoping her work area would comfortably support the idea…and, it did!!!
Cathy H., Accounting Department and Sales Tax Coordinator:
  • Surprised Margie is still standing after more than a year? – Not surprised – has it been a year already?!
Martha T., Customer Service Manager:
  • Do you think standing is making any difference(s)? – Sure, depending on each individual employee. It’s a proven fact that when employees are more comfortable at their work place, their job performance benefits from it, which in turn benefits the company in the long run! Would every employee be comfortable? I’m not so sure!

Margie has nothing but positive things to say about standing while doing her office work. “I like it,” she stated. “I feel more energized and my posture is straighter and my weight is going down slowly without dieting.”

She does have a bar stool-height chair in case she wants to sit, but most of the time, while she is working, she is standing. As is Jon and now Caroline.

At one time, Margie posted an article from The New York Times right outside her work area. The article educated us about personnel from other companies who have chosen to stand while working in the office and the benefits. Who knows, maybe even more co-workers will join in.

Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or not, why not see what it’s like to stand or sit when shopping for your customized diploma frames and desk accessories at Let us know!

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