Show School Pride on August 30th for College Colors Day!

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Pennsylvania State University Nittany Lion Medallion
Penn State’s Nittany Lion

We are nearing September, which means that not only is school back, but so is college football! College Colors Day is also back for its 8th year on Friday, August 30 to kick off the college football season. Never heard of College Colors Day? Learn how to you can pledge your allegiance to your favorite college or university.

Last year, The Pennsylvania State University was announced as the winner of the 2012 College Colors Day Spirit Cup. The Nittany Lion spirit helped Penn State become the champion, winning a $10,000 donation to their general scholarship fund! Who do you want this year’s winner to be?

History of College Football

Football is one of America’s most passionate sports. A reason why College Colors Day came about is to bring attention to intercollegiate athletics. On August 30, people are encouraged to wear their favorite college or university’s colors throughout the day and to get excited.

There have been many movies made about football. Is your favorite football movie one of these?


View the condensed summary of the history of college football. Can you believe college football started almost 144 years ago?

  • 1869 – November 6th – the first college football game was against Rutgers University and Princeton University, Rutgers won 6-4. Learn more about the first college football game.
  • 1880 Walter Camp, a Yale University player revised the rules that reflect modern football regulations
  • 1902 – The first bowl game (later known as The Rose Bowl) was played between Michigan Wolverines and Stanford Cardinals. Michigan won 49-0.
  • 1903 – Harvard University revealed the first-ever football stadium.
  • 1906 – One rule that was changed was allowing forward passes in the game; National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) was created to keep the game regulated and safe for the players.
  • 1922 – First Rose Ball game took place between the University of California Bears and University of Southern California Trojans. Learn more about the Rose Bowl here.
  • 1935 – First Orange Bowl was played between University of Miami and Bucknell University; The Heisman Trophy was awarded to the first athlete.
  • 1936 – First Sun Bowl was played between New Mexico State University and Hardin-Simmons University
  • 1937 – First Cotton Bowl was played between Texas Christian University and Marquette University
  • 1955 College Football Hall of Fame was established

Throughout the years, the rules and logistics of college football have changed, such as the scoring of games, how many games have to be played for the year, and the size of the field.

College Football Facts:

The bulldog is the most commonly used mascot in Division I football.

Georgia Bulldogs
Mississippi State Bulldogs

California State University Fresno Sports Logo University of Georgia Sports Logo Mississippi State University Sports Logo

Some Surprising Facts

  • The longest winning streak in college football history was 47 games set by the Oklahoma Sooners from 1954 to 1957
  • Yale University has won the most national championships totaling 18. The last time they won was in 1927.

Varsity Letter Frame Gift Idea

College football teams remember their victories throughout the years with plaques, awards, medals and ceremonies. A great way for student athletes to remember their sports achievements is by framing their own varsity letter. Varsity letter frames are an easy way to protect and showcase these hard-earned sports accomplishments. They are also great gift ideas for athletes!

There are 165 colleges and universities participating in College Colors Day Spirit Cup. Fans are asked to vote on Facebook and they are encouraged to vote each day for their favorite college/university! The winning college/university that receives the most votes from their fans will be the winner of the $10,000 donation to the school’s general scholarship fund.

Show your pride and get ready to celebrate! Even dogs and cats can celebrate College Colors Day. Check out their Facebook Album called 2013 College Colors Day Four Legged Fans.

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