Shop Small… on November 24, 2012

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Shop Small What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday, started in 2010, helps small businesses get more exposure during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. American Express is the sponsor of Small Business Saturday. Every year Small Business Saturday falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This year, customers can receive a $25 credit with their registered American Express card when they make a purchase at their favorite establishment.

There were 100 million people who ‘Shop Small’ in 2011. Will you help support small business on November 24th?

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate in Small Business Saturday. You can shop with your registered card to help small businesses especially during this difficult month. Hurricane Sandy forced many small businesses on the East Coast to close down for days or weeks due to no power, flooding, and damage stores.

Small businesses participate in this day to create awareness to support small local businesses especially during the holidays.

Benefits of Shopping Small!

There are many benefits to shopping at a local, small business.

  • Increase job opportunities
  • Diversity
    • Towns look less commercialized
  • Shopping more personal
  • Unique product selection
  • Pay local sales tax
    • Money used for public schools, sidewalks, parks , roads
  • Boost the economy
  • Makes you feel GOOD!

Small Business Saturday: Our Day

Small businesses are preparing for November 24.
Register your card ASAP!
Shop Small!

Where Are You Shopping?

Many small businesses are participating in Small Business Saturday. Do you have a favorite restaurant, jewelry store, clothing store in your town? See if it is participating in an interactive map on If it isn’t aware of Small Business Saturday, time to inform the establishment.

Independent We Stand is the website that supports independent businesses. You can search on its website to view local businesses that are in your community.

Don’t miss out on the biggest small-business shopping day of the year! Mark your calendars on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to shop locally!

Need Marketing Materials for your Business?

There is no need to spend money to promote Small Business Saturday. There are many companies that provide free marketing materials to help businesses advertise easily.

Important Links

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Terms and Conditions for AMEX Cardmembers

Connect to Small Business Saturday

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