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Create Holiday Wishlists


We came across this really cool site last week called Polyvore, allowing you to combine items to create your own room d├ęcor vignettes, clothing outfits for any fashion style, wedding collections, and more. It’s a free, easy-to-use web-based application for mixing and matching images from anywhere on the web. You put your items together in a set, and each one links to where the item can be purchased online. That means it’s perfect for putting together your holiday wish lists!

Once you put together your set, you can share with friends and family. You can join a group or even start your own to collaborate with others that have similar styles. There are also contests within the community, inviting you to create sets with specific themes.

It seems that the majority of the site is for clothing and fashion sets; however, we came across Polyvore because we noticed someone designed a room with one of our diploma frames on the wall! We were pretty excited about that here at Church Hill Classics! After contacting the creator of this set and letting her know we loved it, she gave us permission to share her creation on our blog. Here is one of the rooms she designed:


Bedroom of Bliss

Bedroom of Bliss by Radar Love on
Items in this set:
Harvard University Diploma Frame – Masterpiece Medallion Diploma Frame…
Parade – furniture – living – side + nest of tables – village corner…, 519 GBP
Antwerp Chair, Spectrum Swirl –, $150
Books, Guides shopping in Crate and Barrel Decorating and Accessories, $30
Genie Lamp – Magic Genie Lamps, $3.99


If you are redecorating a bedroom, office, living room, dorm room, or any room, you should check out this site to try out new furniture and accessories. When you put together your designs, you can visualize your room before making your final purchases. Thinking about decorating? You may be interested in one of our blogs from Lauren earlier this year, about Using Your Imagination – Organic-inspired Colors & Creative Decorating in a Weak Economy


This site was a great find! I’m going to explore it further and try creating my own sets. My apartment could use a new look!! Has anyone else ever used Polyvore before? Share links to your favorite sets that you have created. I’d love to check them out.
Plus, if you design a room with one of our frames, we’ll feature it on the blog in a follow up post!

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