Rams Rule! Everything is “Ram-tastic” at Colorado State University & CSU Bookstore

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Colorado State University in Fort Collins is a seriously spirited school. It’s not only the athletics or the official mascot, CAM the Ram, that makes this so. It’s not all about Colorado State’s snappy Fight Song or the prominent school colors of green and gold (reflecting the school’s agricultural beginnings). From what pops up on the university’s website, it’s obviously about the name…the Rams.

Colorado State University - Home of the Rams

Home of the Rams

photo credit: jimmywayne via photopin cc

At one time, the sports teams were called the Aggies because the school was Colorado A&M (Agriculture & Mechanical). This all changed in May 1957 when the school was renamed Colorado State University. Since then, they have been called the Rams.

Ram is used in the names of just about everything having to do with Colorado State University.

I thought I was being clever using “ram” in place of “fan,” and creating the word “ramtastic” (instead of “fantastic”) to talk about Colorado State University. I quickly found out that even that made-up word is used on the University website! References include a Ramtastic astronaut (also an alumnus) who visited the campus, and a “Mom’s Ramtastic Pumpkin Bread” on page 13, which looks delicious.

It’s a no-brainer for any club, activity, or event to include “Ram” in its title to show their connection and their pride, and they do. The Colorado State University Bookstore also shows its Ram spirit. Here’s a short list of Ram references. I know there’s many more.


The CSU Alumni Association offers the Alumni Career Ram, which is an online job system designed to assist alumni career and employment needs.

Ram Networks is a group of volunteers who develop interactions between alumni and the University through programs and services.


Pride in the Rams inspires artists to create statues and other imagery. There’s RAM PROUD by Dawn Weimer and her final inspiring work of two sparring rams. There’s a statue of Cam the Ram donated by Pat and Edna Griffin in 1975. On a CAM’s Pinterest Board, a couple of Cam’s favorites shows artist Brian Olsen’s Ram art, which in 2012 was donated to raise CSU scholarship money. Another features Ram illustrations, showing off a variety of looks, by Vance Sherwood.


Colorado State University - Rams

RAM PROUD at Colorado State University

photo credit: E.A. Sanabria via photopin cc

CAM the ram – The original ram was named “CAM” for Colorado A&M, and one of his descendants remains the mascot today. More than 20 CAMs have represented Colorado State University. It all began when alumnus William Simpson (’46) won a contest to name the bighorn sheep as the official school mascot.

There’s the RAM CLUB, the official support group of Ram Athletics.

Ram Masters is an invitational men’s golf preview hosted by CSU, and presented by Pedersen Toyota.

RAM POINTS – A donor reward system to benefit those who support the Rams.

Ram Town is where Ram fans go for pre-game activities before a football game. Ram’s Walk, a recent tradition of two years, is part of the pre-game fun. After performing, the band and spirit squads start the walk through the parking lot, and fans are encouraged to join in to meet their football team at the stadium.


So, Colorado State University Bookstore doesn’t have “Ram” in its name, but it offers at least 175 pieces of merchandise online with either the image of a ram head and/or the word “Ram” on it. This includes their USA-made Spirit Medallion Encore Diploma Frame, which features the ram head logo in a custom-designed diploma frame with a black mat and green inner mat. The medallion is custom minted with green enamel accents. Just put “ram” in the online store search box, and you will find t-shirts, water bottles, a dog bowl, plush rams, golf balls, mugs pennants, clothing, key chains, charm bracelets, and more, all showing the CSU Ram spirit!
Colorado State University Spirit Medallion Diploma Frame


RamCash – accounts can be used to buy food and beverages at a number of campus locations. #RamChat is an opportunity for prospective students to speak to current students and faculty about the University. There’s a live broadcast, and questions can be asked through the University’s website and social media. Those who help to take care of and train the university’s mascot, CAM the ram, for public appearances are called Ram Handlers. When first-year students converge on the school this summer, they will have a Ram Welcome, also known as orientation.


A RamRide is a free, safe ride home for CSU students. The program has been in place since 2003.


RamTrax is Colorado State University’s visitor experience. RamTrax offers an interactive experience to explore the University’s laboratories, innovative technologies, and state-of-the-art facilities. There’s also an opportunity to talk with faculty and staff.

Whether you call it rambunctious, rampant, ramped up, or ram-tastic, Rams definitely rule at Colorado State University.

Colorado State University - Marching Band

Colorado State University Marching Band

members exemplify the “Proud to be a CSU Ram” motto

photo credit: infomatique via photopin cc

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