Perfect Season to Talk About Dogs – Church Hill Classics/ Employees Have Lots to Share

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“Cami brings so much happiness to us all. The thought that she would have been
euthanized if we didn’t take her breaks my heart.

“…we love her so much. She’s just such a happy, friendly dog. She wants to say hello
to every person we meet on our walks, any other dog passing by, and every animal that passes through our yard.”

– Karyn, Accounts Receivable at Church Hill Classics/

No question…We love, love, love our
dogs. They have a way of comforting us, keeping us active, and entertaining us. We aren’t lonely when they are around.
We feel happy and protected.



Are you a dog-owner? If so, your dog is among 77.8 million that are living in U.S. households in 2015, according to
an online statistics company. “Wuff!” as your dog might say. That’s a lot of companionship!

We even sometimes find a friendly dog or two at Church Hill Classics/ Periodically, Lucie Voves,
President and CEO, and Joe Voves, Vice President, bring in their Golden Doodles Tess and Bailey, who are
sisters. They are sweet as can be, very well-behaved, and have the softest fur. There have been times when employees
bring in their dogs for a short visit as well.

Dogs are many things… happy, sweet, wonderful, excited, smart, comforting, friendly, and energetic… Lucky for them
and for us, it’s the “dog days of summer.” It’s still plenty hot and it’s August. Well, hmmm…found out that although
July and August are commonly thought of as the dog days, in actuality, it really has nothing to do with the heat, but
everything to do with the position of the dog star Sirius in the sky. No matter. It’s still a good reason to talk
about dogs.

Employees of Church Hill Classics/ (CHC) have some pretty wonderful dogs that we want to share with

Here they are…

CamiCurious, friendly, excited, happy…

This is “my favorite picture of Cami. She’s a
Beagle/Corgi/Dachsund mix that we rescued. My daughter snapped this pic while lying on the lawn and Cami just had to
come see what she was doing!

“She’s always happy to see us which is huge when you have teenagers. They may have had a bad day at school, but the
minute they get home she’s there to greet them, tail wagging, whimpering with excitement. They can’t help but smile
and end up playing with her for a while.

“She’s even had the opportunity to visit CHC a few times and was thrilled at all the attention she got!”
Karyn, Accounts Receivable

Perfect Model

Protective & Lovely

Bobby Bobbi

Maggie Mae

“His name is Bobby and he is a Mini Schnauzer. He loves stinky socks and
can pose for a picture like no other. Some say he could have been in GQ.”
David, Accounting Intern
Maggie Mae is protective of Mommy and Daddy and sits on her pink chair to
guard the house. I have brought her in [to CHC] at least three times since she was a puppy.”
– Anita,
Marketing Department

Roscoe and Cookie

with great smiles!

Roscoe is the black one and Cookie is the smaller white one. Roscoe and Cookie are
wonderful dogs and love to walk at Fairfield Hills (a walking trail in Newtown, CT). Before I take them for walks,
Cookie tries to herd Roscoe towards the door (must be part of the mixed breed that she is). Roscoe loves to play fetch
with a special purple and white ball that we had to stock up on since it’s his favorite ball to play with.”

Stacy, Manager Alumni Association Relations

Sweet, yoga pro

Super Dog
RhodaRhoda Layla

Rhoda, can’t help but love her, she is so sweet and soft like a teddy
bear.” Plus, Rhoda is the “ first one at to her mom’s yoga class, a master at adhs mukha svanasana (down dog).”

– Penny, Creative designer and yoga instructor

(Rhoda was named in honor of a character from a popular 1970s TV show, the Mary
Tyler Moore Show. Rhoda, the character, was an independent New Yorker who was outgoing and a true friend.)

This is ” …my 85 lb. dog Layla. She’s 11 ½ years old and a cancer
survivor and a tripod. She has the most amazing – will-not-give-up spirit! Even the ladies at the vet say she’s
been an amazing fighter and we should all take lessons from her :)“
– Alexandra (Lexi) – Production

Into Toys A Chameleon
Ralph Blitzen Blitzen
“Yesterday I set up a basket in the nursery to hold all the baby’s stuffed
animals and toys. This morning, toys were out all over the floor! Ralph has his own toy bin in the living
room… he must have thought he was getting a new one upstairs! We are in trouble!
– Jess, Marketing Manager

“Our Blitzen joins Santa’s team; Blitzen gets caught eating the fish
– Donna, Assistant Marketing Manager


Playful Puppy

Dog with Attitude Remembered

Leo Daisy Lily

Leo is our little gremlin. His favorite activity is rubbing his ears on
the floor and looking super crazy!”

Daisy is our newest puppy and she sure is a cutie! She gets herself
into a lot of trouble but how can you get mad at that face!”

Even though Lilly is not with us anymore, we could never forget our
silly girl’s face. She loved the fall and winter! She had a bit of an attitude but she was so lovable that you
accepted her just the way she was. Miss you, Lil!

– Katie, Marketing Coordinator

Calendar Girl

“This is Mandy who is named after a Barry Manilow song. She is the 1st dog I ever had. She was Miss May in
a 2004 Hallmark Calendar. She was called“Aunt Mandy,” by my mom, because she got up for every feeding with me after I
had my daughter. She has flown coach on so many Delta flights she should have a frequent flier #.

breeder I got her from named her Lucky, but I am the lucky one to have had her in my life these last 15 years.”

Gwen, Client Services Manager

Christmas Gift

Lexi Lexi Lexi

“This is Lexi, she is a wonderful addition to our family and loves
playing with her many toys (pictured with a few of her favorites). Christmas is her favorite holiday. Santa
surprised my children on Christmas Eve 2007. As you can see in her Christmas Eve puppy picture, she also
received a puppy of her very own.

“She still has her baby. Every night, when it is time to go to sleep,
she takes her baby to bed with her and cuddles it through the night. When she wakes, she always makes sure to
pick up her baby and carries it from the bedroom. I believe she loves her baby as much as we love Lexi.”

Doreen, Sales Administrator

And away we go!


“Meet Penny! She is a three-year-old Wheaten Terrier. There is nothing she loves more than going for a car
ride. Once her harness is on, she knows it’s that time again. She even knows which car door to jump in.”

Tyler, Marketing Intern

Of course, we aren’t the only ones who adore dogs. Graduates, college bookstores, celebrities, presidents, humane
associations such as Wanderer’s Rest Humane Association,
Facebook pages such as Dog Talk,
blogs such as Life with Dogs, and many others love their
dogs. There are photos galore of dogs on Google searches. More dog stories for the future…perhaps during the next dog days of summer (or
maybe sooner)!

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