Our Frames Have Resolutions Too!

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Diploma Frames CollageDon’t worry; this isn’t a cheesy “Our frames have feelings too!” post (even though we do treat our frames with the utmost care). Instead, we decided to poll some of our handcrafted frames right before they shipped out to our customers.

We wanted to find out what our frames hope to accomplish this year. Needless to say, we were happy to find that our goals are pretty in sync.

“I pledge to be the perfect dimensions.” We’re happy to be able to help with this resolution. Because our frames are custom made to the specifications of your institution or to your specific requirements, each frame will perfectly house your diploma. In fact, we don’t even have a stock of pre-made frames.

“I pledge to show off American talent.” Again, we’ve got that covered. All of our diploma and document frames are hand-crafted at our production facility located in Connecticut. If you’d like to see for yourself, watch this video to see how our frames are made.

Museum Quality Seal

“I pledge to be as good as I look.” Looks aren’t deceiving here at Church Hill Classics. We recognize that the quality of the materials we use in your frame will affect appearance and longevity. When you receive your frame in the mail, check out the “Museum Quality” seal – symbolizing that our frames meet even the stringent Library of Congress standards for document preservation.

Kansas State University Presidential Masterpiece Diploma Frame in Madison
Kansas State University Diploma Frame
Bloomsburg University Diploma Frame
Bloomsburg University Diploma Frame

“But I still pledge to look pretty darn good.” Take your pick from several suede, linen or standard mat colors, each crisp and bold enough to show off your diploma. We’ve got everything from the basics (Black and Navy) to the specific (Purple Suede for Kansas State University and Maroon Linen for Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania).

“I pledge to be strong.” Turns out we aren’t the only ones with resolutions to hit the gym harder this year. Our frames also plan on being strong enough to hang all of your documents, art and wall decor. Plus, with our Level-Lock® Hanging System, you’ll be able to easily keep your frames straight and locked into place.

“I pledge to make my customer’s lives easier.” There is no need for you to send us your diploma because we design our diploma frames with a removable back so that you can easily insert your own document. Also, we provide step-by-step instructions as well as archival-quality mounting materials.

“I pledge to be the best frame on the market.” Our frames are aiming high! And they’re succeeding. But don’t take our word for it; just read this long list of customer reviews.

We’re proud of our frames for wanting to do so well. As you can see, we’ve been able to help them achieve these goals along the way. Quality materials, hand-crafted work and easy customer service means our frames can accomplish all of the above and more.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions? If one of them is to graduate, or to see a child through graduation, we should talk. As you can see, we’ve got some pretty motivated frames on our hands.

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