No Sucker Left Behind

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When considering a university to attend, the one thing that usually does not cross your mind is, “Am I being scammed??”

In Marc Scheer’s new book, No Sucker Left Behind, he explains how many schools are ripping off students and how there is something you can do about it.

The book starts off with tackling the top 10 myths about college:


1) A college degree is worth about $1 million (or more) over a lifetime.
2) College graduates are financially “set for life”.
3) Colleges have very little money and need every penny they can get.
4) Colleges are committed to giving their students a good education.
5) Colleges provide students with excellent career preparation.
6) Colleges give their students the support they need in order to graduate.
7) Prestigious and expensive colleges provide a better education and better career advantages than other colleges.
8) All kinds of financial aid are safe for students.
9) Graduate school always leads to an excellent payoff for students.
10) People have to go to college to get a “college education”.

” ‘There are literally hundreds of sources out there that portray colleges and higher education in a positive light,’ said Mr. Scheer, who has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology. ‘But the truth is that colleges are getting richer and richer, while students are getting poorer and poorer. I wanted to expose many of the common myths about colleges, explain how universities force students to pay unfair costs that result in ridiculous amounts of debt, and most importantly, help people elude these scams and traps.’ ” (The Riverdale Press)



The average student that graduated in 2007 carried a student loan debt of $20,000 or more, which was 6% higher than the previous year. (Boston Globe)

One thing to note is this book does not promote not going to college, instead it says that you should approach picking out schools the way you would with purchasing a major high cost item – with caution.

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