New Year’s Wish for You – An Exceptional Essay

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Do you want to start the New Year off right? This is my New Year’s wish for you concerning our “Frame My Future” Scholarship contest. Before you send your essay to us, it’s very, very important to remember this…make sure it’s free of mistakes.



So edit your entire essay. Yes, look the whole thing over. Use your spellcheck feature, but also read it through with your own eyes. Ask a friend or two, your mom, or another family member to read it too. Why not? Having other people proof your work might help. They could catch a mistake that you missed. (Oops!) It happens.

Everything counts:
Past/Present Tense,

Of course, the content and the actual writing of your essay are essential. Yet, writing conventions have their own importance.

Try this example of a paragraph run amok. There are 20 mistakes in this one example. See if you can find them all. I’ll post the corrections in next week’s blog.


In my future, i would vary much like to bee a one-of-a-kind elementary school teacher. I want tobe the kind of teecher that every kid yearns to gave, and don’t want to give up at the end of the School Year. I realize that me ambition will mean a lot of herd work for for it to come true. the god thing is that for as long as i can member, I’ve have always wanted to be teacher.

As long as you’re aware of scanning for mistakes for whatever you’re writing – a paper for school, a resume, a blog, a project for work, or a scholarship essay – you’ll be that much better off, (and so will your paper). Good luck!
Remember to look in next week’s blog with the corrections to the paragraph.

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