May Mayhem: Your College Student Is Moving Back In

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by Anita R. Holtz
Marketing Department

Has an extraterrestrial invaded your home this May? The Doritos have vanished, and there are boxes and clothes everywhere. Is there upheaval where there was once serenity? Don’t look to the skies for an answer. Undergraduate sons and daughters have re-feathered your empty nest and will be with you for the summer.

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Long gone are nostalgic tears parents shed when they waved goodbye to their aspiring offspring at the freshmen dormitory. The keyword is readjustment, and it can be a taxing endeavor for college students and parents as, once again, the family coexists beneath one roof. There is a different dynamic than there was when sons or daughters were in high school or younger because 18 to 22-year-olds are adults. They have gotten used to living independently during collegiate years—making their own hours, decisions, and rules.

For parents who may think of the adjustment as a three-month temporary modification, there may be only a few exasperating experiences. They see nostalgic vestiges of the joy of raising their children and can typically deal with thunderous music, vanishing groceries, and emptied paper towel rolls.

For graduated sons and daughters who are waiting for or embracing their first post-college career position, the return to the nest poses new challenges. Will they live home until they establish their own independent living arrangement, or will they choose to save while they reside with their parents? Will they pay rent? How will the daily dynamics of the household change?

Back home.

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Each household must deal with its new challenges individually, but one reality is certain: earning that sheepskin elevates degree holders in everyone’s eyes. So, when the mail carrier delivers their prestigious diploma, the first order of business is to preserve and honor it. Church Hill Classics’ custom made-in-the-U.S.A. diploma frames offer outstanding choices.

So, no matter where the recent graduates eventually hang their hats, displayed proudly on their wall will be a framed diploma, an enduring symbol of perseverance, dedication, and success. That achievement on the wall compliments any place those college graduates call home.

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