Labor Day Salute to Employees Who Craft USA-made Diploma Frames & Wow Customers

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Here’s a shout out to Church Hill Classics / (CHC / and its employees. It’s a Labor Day accolade for the fact that this Connecticut company has continued to hire people and expand and grow in its nearly 25 years in business. It’s where over 70 awesome employees come to work to promote and craft USA-made frames. When the company first started, it was neighborhood moms helping out.

“… we have a unique level of personal commitment and family-friendliness in our work environment. I am proud of our consistent track record of growth, and of the privilege of seeing our employee team step-up and evolve to meet the ever-changing business demands created by our company’s fast growth,” was a recent comment from Lucie Voves, CEO and president of Church Hill Classics /

Dedicated people work in Marketing, Creative, Sales, Accounting, Customer Service, Order Entry, Shipping, Human Resources, IT, and Purchasing. Plus, there are people skilled as embossers, framers, manglers, saw operators, mat cutters, prep, joiners, and engraved plate coordinator.

U.S. flag displayed outside the

Church Hill Classics /

To paraphrase…it takes a village. It’s most certainly a team-effort to get our quality diploma and document frames, photo frames, and desk accessories crafted for our customers.

Yes, CHC / offers:

This manufacturing company has many accomplishments and affiliations, including:

The bottom line, of course, is that CHC / has amazing, hard-working women and men on the job here. We have a culture that is friendly, supportive, and connected for our customers, as testimonials attest to, and for us.

Occasionally, an employee will have their dogs visit the company. Others will bring in snacks for whoever wants it, or even magazines or books. An employee will share seashells that she picked up from the beach when on a vacation, or bring in salt water taffy or Mickey Mouse sticky pads.

We celebrate birthdays, pregnancies, and recognize work anniversaries. When there’s a sad event, such as a family-member passing away, there are lots of hugs and support.

Co-workers take walks on the grounds. We have company picnics and Christmas parties. Plus, we earn extra time off, as on this Labor Day weekend, we get a half-day on Friday and the whole day off on Monday.

We look out for one another, always are there for our customers, and ready to create quality merchandise.

Labor Day was created back in 1894 to give tribute to American workers. There are even parades, like the one in nearby Newtown, Connecticut. It still means a lot to be acknowledged.

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