Keeping “Green” at Church Hill Classics

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Being “Green”…what does that mean?

“It’s not easy being green,” is a line from a Kermit the Frog song, and although it is focusing on something other than the environment, being ecologically “Green” takes lots of work too, and is something that Church Hill Classics strives for.

Recycling efforts at the 47,000 square foot facility in Monroe, Connecticut, include a variety of ideas and practices, and employee participation.

The latest environmental change at Church Hill Classics is the use of a new recycled grade bubble wrap. Rick, our Purchasing Manager, heard about Sealed Air’s “environmentally sustainable” bubble wrap and decided our company should use it. According to Sealed Air, this bubble wrap has “50% Pre-Consumer Recycled Content” so using this bubble wrap “addresses the carbon footprint and raw material preservation”. Additionally, “no color additives or dyes have been added.”

 src=For five years now, we’ve been using innovative, environmentally friendly, made-in-the-USA packaging to ship diploma frames. Our “SMARTbox” is made of unbleached cardboard and is fully recyclable at curbside. These shipping boxes serve more than one purpose. Yes, they are for shipping, but it’s also easy to preview the frame while in the box, and the compact boxes help bookstores with inventory management. It definitely reduces our environmental footprint.

Along with hardwood for frames, Church Hill Classics offers a selection of recycled frame mouldings made with 100% recycled wood from America. Look for the green tree symbol (below) for 100% recycled wood frame choices. For our hardwood frame choices, we are committed to sourcing from sustainable forests using vendors who actively support ongoing replanting efforts. This means when a tree is cut down, reforestation of these trees also occurs so that the forest is always on a growing cycle.


Employees have taken on some additional environmental tasks to help the company. Some of their voluntary contributions include collecting bottles and cans to be recycled and donating leftover mats to local schools. See tomorrow’s blog about what particular employees are doing to help the environment.

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Another step taken by Church Hill Classics in 2008, was joining the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) WasteWise Program, to demonstrate the company’s commitment to conserving natural resources and protecting the environment. This voluntary partnership program was designed by the EPA to help organizations implement practical methods for reducing municipal solid waste. Church Hill Classics promotes and practices environmentally friendly programs and products.

All these “Green” practices and others, (such as turning off the lights when not needed), help our environment, reduces our environmental footprint, and keeps us connected with our community. It’s great to be “Green”! I’m sure even Kermit the Frog would agree!

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