It’s “Earth Day” All Year Long for These Employees

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Some of their efforts include recycling bottles and cans, donating leftover matboard, and collecting used up toner cartridges, conserving on paper use, and collecting paper to be recycled.

Sally, who works in our Accounting Department, volunteers to take co-workers’ empty bottles and cans in the company recycling bin off to be recycled each week.

“I take the [items to] recycle home every Friday,” explained Sally. “The town picks it up Monday morning. I have been doing this for about 3 years.”


Linda in our Marketing Department has been taking leftover mat board to local schools – Frenchtown Elementary and Middlebrook Elementary School – both located in Trumbull, CT.

Linda said, “All of the materials are mat board related, in various sizes and textures and colors, on which to paint or do collage work or for mounting finished artwork. Long strips can be used for weaving projects and collage and wall quilts. But the favorite with the children seems to be the cut out circles and squares. The circles make great eyeballs!”


Gwen in our Sales Department recently took some materials to a nearby preschool – Saint Rose of Lima, Newtown, CT. She gave the school cutout shapes from matboard to be used in craft projects. The shapes included,”Large & small circles & ovals,” Gwen described. Plus there were “postcard size & a little larger in size” matboard.

The company regularly recycles office paper and cardboard, but there are additional ideas that have come into play:

Martha, our Customer Service Manager, mentioned that “Customer Service recycles thrown out paper to use as scrap paper rather than use notebooks or Post It notes whenever possible.” She mentioned that she tried to cut paper use in half by using “both sides of the paper to print out orders, but ended up messing up my printer.” The printer kept jamming. “It was a good idea at the time,” Martha added.

According to Karen, Graphic Arts Production Coordinator, “Some things that the Art Department does to save resources and be “Green” is not printing extra copies of (digital) comps and proofs of lit and other design projects unless necessary-as well as printing lit proofs double sided to save paper!” She added, “Even when printing wide-views, we try to lay them out to take up as much white space on the paper as possible so we reduce any waste!”

Karen also collects empty ink and toner cartridges that would normally just get thrown in the garbage. She donates them to the Naugatuck Thunderfish Swimming Club (located in Connecticut) where they run a recycling fundraiser program!

Employees also do things like use the stairs instead of the elevator, shut lights off when not needed, and log off computers when we leave for the day. Some employees carpool. Others use reusable plates, forks, spoons, and knives at lunchtime, instead of disposable.


These dedicated efforts are maintained by Church Hill Classic employees day after day. It’s “Earth Day” all year long here by means great and small.

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