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Global Entrepreneurship Week/USA – November 12-18

What is Global Entrepreneurship Week/USA?

Global Entrepreneurship WeekOne week is set aside in November for Global Entrepreneurship Week/USA (GEW/USA). During this week, people all around the world participate in activities to support entrepreneurship. GEW/USA was started in 2008 by the Kauffman Foundation. According to The Kauffman Foundation website, they are the ‘world’s largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship’. GEW/USA is a way to get young people to think, be creative, take risks, and learn from their successes and failures. It’s an easy, fun way to build connections with people you wouldn’t ordinarily interact with daily. GEW/USA wants you to try ‘Unleashing Ideas‘!

Since its inception in 2007, there are over 120 countries that participate and host GEW. Together countries try to inspire people to think ‘out of the box’, welcome different ideas and motivate people. GEW/USA connects people everywhere by performing in local, national, and global activities. These activities and events are designed to help young people see their potential, and maybe become entrepreneurs.

Mark your calendars! This year’s GEW is November 12-18, 2012!

Why Get Involved?

Colleges and universities are one of the main contributors to GEW. They are the ones preparing students for the real world. Participating colleges and universities allow students to reach their potential by hosting fun interactive activities. Students will get a taste of the real world.

People or organizations should get involved in this global community. Their knowledge can be just what a future entrepreneur needs to hear. This is a global campaign and brings everyone together!

What Global Events are Happening?

Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

One event that really stood out relating to students was Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA).

This global competition was created to support and inspire young entrepreneurs. This competition is open to high school, undergraduate and graduate students who are attending school while running their own for-profit business that has being operating for a minimum of six consecutive months.

Students are competing with other students around the world. GSEA was created because younger entrepreneurs need more connections, mentoring and guidance.
Prizes for this competition include a $10,000(US dollars) cash prize, plus tens of thousands in business products and services donated by Entrepreneurs’ Organization members (such as web services, printing, PR, consulting and much more).

More information can be found on their Facebook and on their website.

How are Colleges Participating?

Colleges/Universities are participating in GEW/USA in many ways. Many colleges have centers at their school to help out their students and alumni with information, mentors and resources. Does your school have a program for entrepreneurship?

  • University of Miami – Launchpad
    • Created in 2008 to offer guidance, resources and advice to entrepreneurs and innovators at University of Miami located in Coral Gables, Florida
    • There were two goals for creating the Launchpad
      • Show University of Miami students and alumni that creating a new venture can be a good career path
      • Encourage every University of Miami student who wants to start a new venture to do so in South Florida

Church Hill Classics was created from an inspirational woman entrepreneur. It started with an idea, and is now a successful company which is the leading manufacturer and online retailer in the college diploma frame industry.

Connect with Global Entrepreneurship Week

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Any questions about GEW/USA? Hopefully, this video will help you! –

Kauffman Sketchbook – “Global Entrepreneurship Week”

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