Inspiration from Colleges & Universities in the New Year

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It’s the New Year, and it’s natural that we think about what’s ahead for us. Maybe we’d like to work on a better approach for what comes our way. As we know, many of us make resolutions. It’s great to get inspiration to move us in the right direction. Some wonderful motivation comes from our institutions of higher learning.

Colleges & universities have Mission Statements. It’s a way to focus on their objectives. The words used describe and define what they are all about, who they serve, and what their goals are. It is common for businesses and organizations to have Mission Statements too.

mission vision

For instance, Church Hill Classics’ Mission simply states, “Showcasing life’s milestone achievements.” We are excited to be involved in the successes, joys, and awesome results that are the culmination of hard work of so many.

Below are several colleges’ Mission Statements. Excerpts were used in some cases, but there are links to see the text in full. Let’s get inspired and make this a great year!

Messiah College, Mechanicsburg, PA

“Our mission is to educate men and women toward maturity of intellect, character and Christian faith in preparation for lives of service, leadership and reconciliation in church and society.”
Messiah College Mission Statement

The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA

“Penn State is a leader in higher education and carries out its mission of teaching, research, and service with pride and focus on the future…

“…We strive to celebrate diversity in all aspects of our educational and operational activities. Our strategic plans are designed to result in ongoing improvements that help prepare future generations of leaders.”

The Pennsylvania State University Mission Statement

Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT

“…The University aims to assist in the development of people knowledgeable of self, rooted in faith, educated in mind, compassionate in heart, responsive to social and civic obligations, and able to respond to an ever-changing world. It does this by calling forth the intellectual potential of its students, nurturing each one’s spiritual and moral growth, and deepening in them a sense of social responsibility. The University is committed to combining education for life with preparation for professional excellence…”

Sacred Heart University Mission Statement

Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

“…Today, in a world in which knowledge is paramount, we believe that we best fulfill our role as an anchor institution in our community when:

  • We educate fully informed and committed citizens;
  • We provide access to opportunity;
  • We strengthen democratic institutions;
  • We create innovation that matters, and we share knowledge generously;
  • We inform and engage public opinion and debate; and
  • We cultivate and sustain public intellectuals…”

Syracuse University Mission Statement

Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

“Texas A&M University is dedicated to the discovery, development, communication, and application of knowledge in a wide range of academic and professional fields. Its mission of providing the highest quality undergraduate and graduate programs is inseparable from its mission of developing new understandings through research and creativity….”

Texas A&M University Mission Statement

The University of Georgia, Athens, GA

“The University of Georgia, a land-grant and sea-grant university with statewide commitments and responsibilities, is the state’s oldest, most comprehensive, and most diversified institution of higher education. Its motto, “to teach, to serve, and to inquire into the nature of things,” reflects the University’s integral and unique role in the conservation and enhancement of the state’s and nation’s intellectual, cultural, and environmental heritage….”

The University of Georgia Mission Statement

University of North Carolina Pembroke, Pembroke, NC

The Division of Student Affairs empowers students to succeed, facilitates active learning, develops cultural appreciation, promotes responsible citizenship and ensures a robust campus experience for student engagement.

University of North Carolina Pembroke Mission Statement

The University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

“…Our undergraduate, graduate, and professional education, research, and outreach serve Rhode Island and beyond. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are united in one common purpose: to learn and lead together. Embracing Rhode Island’s heritage of independent thought, we value:

  • Creativity and Scholarship
  • Diversity, Fairness, and Respect
  • Engaged Learning and Civic Involvement
  • Intellectual and Ethical Leadership”

The University of Rhode Island Mission Statement

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI

“…The primary purpose of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is to provide a learning environment in which faculty, staff and students can discover, examine critically, preserve and transmit the knowledge, wisdom and values that will help ensure the survival of this and future generations and improve the quality of life for all. The university seeks to help students to develop an understanding and appreciation for the complex cultural and physical worlds in which they live and to realize their highest potential of intellectual, physical and human development….”
University of Wisconsin-Madison Mission Statement<span<> </span<>

Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC

“Western Carolina University is a public regional institution of higher education whose mission is to create learning opportunities that incorporate teaching, research, service, and engagement through on-campus, off-campus, online, and international experiences. The university focuses its undergraduate and graduate academic programs, educational outreach, research, creative, and cultural activities to sustain and improve individual lives and enhance economic and community development in Western North Carolina and beyond.”

Western Carolina University Mission Statement


Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL

“To recognize employee health and wellness as important to the long-term success and well-being of Western Illinois University as a whole. To promote health and wellness through a wide variety of programs and services offered to University faculty and staff….”
Western Illinois University Mission Statement

With thoughts of staying healthy, getting educated, having a strong faith, celebrating diversity, having a compassionate heart, generously sharing knowledge, appreciating culture, and more, let’s get ready to have an inspiring New Year!

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