Graduation cap decorations – a pre-grad gathering!

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Written by Shannon O’Gorman, Guest Blogger

Since freshman year, the girls of Newtown High School (NHS) eagerly await the time when they are able to decorate their graduation caps. They New York University - Nursing - Graduation Capenviously watch the senior girls add pictures to Facebook of them all dressed up in their gowns and decorated caps, which highlight the college they will be attending and show off their personality. It’s not uncommon for
girls to save the pictures of their favorite caps and use them for inspiration when their time finally comes to decorate their own.

At NHS, caps and gowns are given out at the first graduation rehElon University Graduation Capearsal two days before the actual ceremony. The parking lot of Michael’s Craft Store is immediately flooded with senior girls with sparkles and glitter on their minds. Most girls will go directly to the scrapbooking section and get sparkly textured paper in their future college’s school colors. Some will do half NHS half college to represent both. Other popular decoration pieces are colored ribbon to outline the cap, colored gems to spell out school names, and adhesive letters and numbers for graduation years and names.

After all the supplies have been bought and rough sketches have been made, cap decorating turns into an opportunity for a social gathering. Large groups of friends get together to hang out and decorate their caps. Each girl brings scissors, hot glue guns, and extra supplies to share with her friends. The decorating process is taken very seriously, though. Although extra paper and such are usually purchased, careful measurements of the caps are made, and meticulously drawn Colby_Sawyer Graduation Capstraight lines are essential. Each girl usually has a job to help one another out. For me, I cut the paper to the exact measurements of the cap for each of my friends. When everything is finally ready and the sketches are final, it is important to do a layout of the cap before everything is glued down. With approval from everyone else at the party, the hot glue guns are turned on and everyone holds their breath as each item is permanently placed down.

With the caps complete after hours of hard work, girls show off their creations on Instagram and swoon over their friends pictures as well.

When the day of graduation finally arrives, the sea of blue and white gowns is spiced up with the colorful caps that illustrate the personality of each girl wearing it. After four long hard years all leading up to this point, graduation, it’s truly sentimental to see how one person’s character can be summed up on a small 10″ by 10″ square. Colleges are proudly displayed and the transition between high school and college finally begins. The class of 2013 has become the class of 2017. Pictures are put up on Facebook, and the cycle starts again as the rising senior girls anxiously await their turn.

Need some inspiration for your graduation cap? Check out Church Hill Classics Graduation Cap Decorations Pinboard on Pinterest!Graduation Cap Decorations


Alternative Graduation Cap Decoration Idea

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