President Obama to give ASU Commencement Address

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Hottest ticket in Tempe: President Obama to give Commencement Address at Arizona State University

The hottest ticket in Tempe, Arizona, is to the Commencement Address at Arizona State University (ASU) on May 13, 2009. Approximately 8,000 students along with their friends, families, and ASU faculty will have the great honor of hearing from the 44th President of the United States of America.

ASU is one of three schools including the United States Naval Academy and Notre Dame that the President has selected to give a Commencement Address.

“The president’s emphasis on building the next generation of leaders in science, technology and sustainability, as well as the arts, mirrors ASU’s mission as a New American University,” says ASU President Michael Crow. “His advocacy for representation of women and people of color, engaging a broader spectrum of leadership, models significantly for others at the highest level.”

This will be President Obama’s second visit to ASU. The first visit was when he was on the campaign trail. “This really speaks to ASU’s position as a university to be able to have the prominence to pull in probably the most famous person in America right now,” said Tommy Miller who is a sophomore at ASU in an article.


Tommy is hoping one of his senior friends gives him a commencement ticket. Like the


rest of us, Tommy is interested in what the President will say on May 13, 2009.

To commemorate this incredible day for the ASU students, Church Hill Classics has created two keepsake frames for the College Store, our partner bookstore that caters to ASU students. This is a wonderful way for the students to save their ticket by framing it alone or along with a picture of themselves.


It also is worth noting that President Obama is the first President to speak at an ASU Commencement, and he is one of five Presidents to visit the university.

Let the celebration commence – go Sun Devils!

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