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With the economy acting the way it is, finding a well paying job is essential. It can be difficult to predict the future and


what will happen next in the job market; however it looks like the trends of this year are going to continue into the next. So, what were the top paying jobs in the United States in 2008?


The highest paying jobs were mostly dominated by the medical field; according to Forbes: “The top nine places are occupied by various sorts of medical specialists, with anesthesiologists topping the heap, followed by surgeons and orthodontists.” Anesthesiologist’s median salary is $308,238 ( and an average salary for a surgeon is $250,000. Although according to the American College of Surgeons when you factor in the average hours worked per week (60) and the weeks per year (48) you get an hourly rate of $74.40 for the average surgeon. (Counterpoint: What price Commitment?) If that helps you swallow that figure better.




Is there any hope for us who, like I, get squeamish around blood? Well, Forbes leaves the number 10 spot to Chief Executives, number 11 goes to Airline Pilots and number 17 goes to Lawyers. The average salary of a pilot, co-pilot and flight engineer or related jobs, range from $42,500-$140,340 according to Lawyers trail close behind ranging from $57,109-$115,265.(PayScale)

So what jobs pay the least? Occupations which lie in the food service industry (MIENFOKS):



1. Combined Food Preparation and Serving Workers (including Fast Food)
2. Cooks, Fast Food
3. Dishwashers
4. Dining Room Cafeteria Attendants and Bartender Helpers
5. Hosts and Hostesses, Restaurant, Lounge and Coffee Shops


So that’s it? Just become a doctor, lawyer, pilot or serve food? Not exactly. There are many other jobs besides the ones listed above that pay very well, So, check out these websites to find the one that best fits you:

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