What to Do if you Lost your College Diploma

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DiplomaYour college diploma will most likely be one of the most valuable documents you will ever earn throughout your life. Have you ever thought about what would happen if you lost your diploma?

Either through an office move or a disaster such as a fire or flood, a college diploma along with other valuable documents can easily be destroyed. After all, it is only paper, but it represents so much! If this has happened to you, consider using the following tips to obtain a replacement diploma.

Tips for ordering a replacement diploma

    1. Contact the Office of the Registrar at the College or University that you attended. This contact information can usually be found quite easily on the school’s webpage or through the main phone number.
    2. Since the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) was passed in 1974, keep in mind that student records are kept very protected and private. You, the student, will be the only one able to request a new diploma. Family members or spouses will not be permitted to do so.
    3. Although every College and University has its own set of rules, expect to pay some sort of fee for obtaining a new college diploma.
    4. Most schools follow the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), so it can be expected that you will need to submit a written request when inquiring about replacing a diploma. A typical written request must include:
      • Reason for replacement diploma
      • Birth date
      • Social Security Number
      • Name of College or University
      • Graduation date
      • Degree(s) earned
      • A current mailing address
      • A possible notarized sworn statement proving the diploma has been lost
    5. Again, find out the specific diploma replacement process from the College or University that you graduated from. Their written request requirements might be more extensive or lenient than the above requirements.
    6. Keep in mind that faxing, calling or emailing diploma replacement requests will not be acceptable. Only mailed, written requests will be processed. This eliminates fraud and identity theft.
    7. Expect the diploma replacement process to take quite a long time. On average, it should take anywhere from four to ten weeks.
    8. For those diplomas from years back, expect to have new, current administration sign your replacement diploma. You might not have the same signature of faculty members from when you attended school.

Preserving your diploma

Why frame your diploma? The best way to prevent losing your diploma is to properly preserve and display it.

A professional frame will not only guard against incidental damage, but it will most likely encourage you to proudly display achievements in your home or office! This means you’re less likely to misplace it while it’s stashed away in your drawer or in a storage box in the garage.

Church Hill Classics offers professional-quality custom diploma frames to showcase your diploma. Frames include your school name and seal with a variety of features to choose from:

    • Exclusive school-colored medallions
    • Campus images
    • Opening for tassel
    • Clear intricate embossings
    • Upgraded glass options
    • Create-A-Frame options to create your perfect frame – choose your own moulding and matting

Search for your school to view a full product selection.

Preserve your diploma with a diploma frame


Do you know where your diploma is?

Sean from IWearYourShirt doesn’t know where his diploma is…don’t get stuck in this situation!

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