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Part One of Two


RecycleMania 2013 LogoColleges and universities participate every year (since 2001) in a recycling competition called RecycleMania. There are over 600 colleges and universities that compete in this eight week competition by keeping track of how much they can recycle.

RecycleMania is a chance for colleges and universities to unite and come together as a community. Students are involved in a fair and friendly competition. This competition allows schools to see what works and what doesn’t work with their recycling efforts. Also, it allows schools to see which facilities are producing the most waste!

The 2013 competition this year started on February 3 and ends on March 30th. Find out what your school is doing to participate in RecycleMania 2013.

About RecycleMania

The history behind RecycleMania is interesting. It was started in January 2001 as a challenge between Ohio University and Miami University to motivate students to recycle more on their college campus, especially in residence and dining halls. Throughout the years, RecycleMania has increase participation and has even made its way to Canada.

For eight weeks, colleges and universities record on RecycleMania’s online scoreboard how much they recycle and collect for each week.

RecycleMania has a few goals for this competition. Through this competition, schools want to motivate students and staff to increase their participation in recycling and to reduce waste. With this friendly competition, it will generate attention and support for campus recycling programs and in the end, it will encourage schools to improve their recycling programs over time.

Recycling Centers are located on most college campuses.
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Find out if your college is participating in 2013 RecycleMania here. If your school is not listed, make sure to contact the Office of Sustainability or the department that handles the recycling efforts on campus to sign up for RecycleMania 2014!

Rules and Prizes

This competition has a number of standards and rules that schools need to follow. For example, weighing the trash needs to be accurate and unbiased since the whole competition is based on the weight of the trash recycled.

For the last 12 years, the prize for the school winning in each category has been a trophy made out of recycled garbage. This year, RecycleMania is changing things up. The winning school will receive a placard made out of recyclable glass, which can be displayed on a desk. Also, the winning school in each category will host a traveling trophy that they’ll have for a year. There will be 11 trophies handed out this year.


There are 11 categories for the 2013 RecycleMania. Below are the categories that a school may choose to participate in:

  • Grand Champion – Winner has the highest recycling rate of core recyclable materials to determine a school’s recycle rate
  • Stephen K Gaski Per Capita Classics – An original category, and most recognized – schools see which can collect the largest combined amount of paper, cardboard, bottles and cans on a per person basis
  • Waste Minimization – Schools compete to see which produces the least amount of recyclables and trash on a per person basis.
  • Gorilla Prize – The winner is typically a large school with an extensive recycle program that recycled the highest gross tonnage of combined paper, cardboard, bottles and cans.
  • E-cycleMania (Electronics) – Category was created last year. Records the amount of computers, printers, consumer electronics and other electronic waste materials, and even off- campus sources from the general public are welcome in this category.
  • Film Plastic – New category for 2013. Materials that can be recycled: plastic bags, shrink or stretch wrap, dry cleaning bags, newspaper bags, etc.
  • Game Day: Basketball – One home game report on how much recycling and waste minimization efforts were made. Ranked in three categories of their choice – Waste Generation, Diversion Rate, and Per Capita Recycling.

Connect with RecycleMania

Since the competition has commenced, you can check out what’s happening right now by viewing the results.

Check out RecycleMania on their social media sites!

RecycleMania Facebook Page RecycleMania's Twitter Page RecycleMania's YouTube Page


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